How to populate a new table with values from another table based on a specific values for a field in MS ACESS

I have a 90,000 db that I want to trim down to a smaller version based on the cashierid...I have 10 cashierids that I want to move all records assocaited to them in to a new table...


pseudo code....
SELECT * into smallerTable
WHERE cash_id is "suzy1123" or "barb2523"

obviously I am not sure of the appreciated
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try this:

INSERT INTO smallerTable (cash_id, otherfield1, otherfield2)
SELECT cash_id, otherfield1, otherfield2
WHERE cash_id='suzy1123' or 'barb2523'

you need to substitute otherfield1 and otherfield2 with the actual fieldnames from your tables.

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If you have the table already created then just Select and Insert, as follows:

INSERT INTO Table2 (Field1, Field2)
SELECT Field1, Field2
FROM Table1 WHERE (Field1 = "suzy1123") or (Field1 = "barb2523") ;
Please ignore my post. It is already provided by Michael_mad's.

Sorry Michael_mad, did not refresh before post.
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groovymonkeyAuthor Commented:
I am getting a synatx error for the query
groovymonkeyAuthor Commented:
Owh and this it so go in to a new table
Could you provide the actual field names of the tables?
groovymonkeyAuthor Commented:
yes will do...will post tomorrow as I am not at the cpu that has the db on it
groovymonkeyAuthor Commented:
table name is t2...fields are cashierID and itemId

so for this table it would be the following...although I do not have a Table2 created

INSERT INTO Table2 (itemId, casheirId)
SELECT itemId, casheirId
FROM t2 WHERE (cashierId= "suzy1123") or (cashierId= "barb2523") ;
Yes, that's right.

You need to create the other table (Table2 or what you want to call it) with the same two fields: "itemId" and "casheirId".
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