Are there ad robots that won't get banned by Google?

I am a website owner. I receive many emails offering to sell me an ad robot to help get traffic to my site. But a friend of mine told me not to buy these because I will get banned by Google if I do this.
Does anyone know of an ad robot that won't get you banned? And where can I look up on this?
Leonard GojerCAD Technician/ProgrammerAsked:
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Leonard GojerCAD Technician/ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
What you're telling me is very interesting. It means that I have been cheated by the person who sold me the site. I guess I have to learn from experience.

Thank you for your help.
Why would you invest in an adrobot? Go with Google Adwords, you can target your audience in a pretty good way so you can have a more cost effective way of advertising. If the ad robot really is a amazing product they wouldn't have to spam you to sell their product imho.
Leonard GojerCAD Technician/ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Well, I may have these numbers wrong, but it appears from my first samples of data that neither
the un-targeted nor the targeted Adwords break-even as an investment for my site. For example,
in the first two months of my website's existence, it only made $23.50 in Adsense, whereas I spent
about three times that in Adwords alone.

But what you have told me confirms what my friend told me is that the ad robot is a waste of money.

Do you think that I can make a deal with someone for performance-based advertising? Or rather,
do you think that the advertiser has a natural economic incentive to agree to such an arrangement,
meaning that it can break-even for both the advertiser and myself? (using Adwords)
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My bad, didn't knew the main revenue stream was adsense. Adsense basic principle is to serve up ads based mainly on content. Have seen a few sites who use adwords to buy low CPC keyword and try target High CPC keywords on the landing pages. Not sure if this is permitted by the license agreement in Google Adsense, so you might get penalized for this.

My advise would be, try gaining quality traffic on a different way. Maybe try some linkbuilding strategies and other forms to improve organic search results.
Leonard GojerCAD Technician/ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
The main revenue stream is not Adsense. It is the sale of the affiliate product. I am using the Adsense sales as a criteria to see if I can "break-even" on the 99% of people visiting the site who don't buy the product. If 1% of the people bought the product, (which starts at $50 and goes up), I would break-even.
The reason that I set the criteria this way is to know whether I can produce more websites without risking the solvency of my business.

I just placed an order for Advertising with ExactSeek. ($12 for three months). If that gives the same
statistic of $23.50 every two months, (or hopefully better), then at least I "break-even".
Leonard GojerCAD Technician/ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
The name of my website is
Hmmm, don't really "understand" your website. All of the links are broken all use http://localhost (very bad for SEO)

The items you sell, are stuffed away and work with a link. Would think if it's a reseller program it would need some kind of referrer to track the traffic coming from your website.

Would improve the website first instead of looking for advertising possibilities;

add articles about the subject.
make links work again and link to these subjects.
Put the items you sell in a more eyecatching place.
Leonard GojerCAD Technician/ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
I am giving points to the helper
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