IBM pSeries servers

Hi All
We had took over a IBM pSeries Servers RS 600
Monitor - IBM InfoWindow II 3153
Keyboard - IBM KB-9910 attached on Monitor as Com1

Once boot up it had Application Menu for selection.
May I know,how we using the Keyboard to select the option?
Since the Ex-company had remove the IP address.

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balasundaram_sConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Keyboard functions are based on the Terminal emulation, I think it must be 'ibm3151' or 'ibm3153'.  And the associated keyboard functions as in below links:

Entering and exiting setup menus
3153 setup menus are entered (emulation dependent) with one of the following key combinations:

    * left Ctrl key and numeric keypad Minus key (-)
    * left Ctrl key and Scroll Lock/Print Line key

Common Application and Display problem:

Please go through the links, and it might be of any help to you.
the infowiddow II device is a serial device, not an IP based device.
Their applicaiton must have something pointing to /dev/tty1 or similar

can you step back a bit and try to summarize your environment, and what your trying to accomplish?

Do you want a login prompt?
Could you find the machine-type and model number of the machine? This should be on a label with the serial number but may also be on the front of the machine. Should look like "7025-F50" - four numbers then three letters/or numbers.

When you start an old pSeries machine, you would normally see a "login prompt" on the console, for example as follows:

AIX Version 5
(C) Copyrights by IBM and by others 1982, 2005.

Is this what you see? Do you have the password for the root user? If so you can manage the machine.

If you want  to set the IP address of the machine, use "smitty mktcpip".
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beginner69Author Commented:
Hi all,
is a serial device.
yes i saw
AIX Version 5
(C) Copyrights by IBM and by others 1982, 2005.

we don't have the root password,we only have user password.
after login is a Application Menu,I'm sure the script is written on ksh with dialog.

My question is ,did any way using the keyboard directly operate from the system?
because we cannot using any key on the keyboard.
I'm sure must enter any function key or what.

Hope some one can help.
do you have CD1 for AIX 5, at a recent TL level?
Or do you have a support contract with IBM, so you can download a copy from IBM?

If you don't have root, you'll have to go to recovery mode.
All user accounts may be forced to this menu.
beginner69Author Commented:

Sorry to bother you all
our main problem is how to use the keyboard to select the option
after login.

Logging on gets you on a prompt $ when you have a clean profile.  But that could be anything running on there so it's nearly impossible for us to guide you on a custum application/script.
You can try to bail out using CTRL+c in case the admin forgot to trap it in the script.  But if it's ksh then the script is probably made as the user's login shell. That way users don't have an underlying shell to bail out to.

Since you obviously have physical access, fastest way is to reset the root password. Nicely described here:
beginner69Author Commented:
Dear balasundaram

You really save us,many thanks.
And other thanks for the help.
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