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I am trying to setup a grid with information about products and its sales data.

I have been using this jquery plugin TableGear (http://andrewplummer.com/code/tablegear/).

I need to setup a grid where the one column contains an Hyperlink, which when selected, pops up another window with extra filler information about the order.

Something similar to http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_-84GVyQJ0EQ/TPAm-RNYAOI/AAAAAAAAAKY/fUp0P_AWIdI/s1600/jqGridWebPartPopup.png

How can I achieve the same with TableGear / jQuery?
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nainilAuthor Commented:
Finally figured it out:

See attached code.

Thank you.
$options["transform"]["<FIELD>"] = array("tag" => "a",
									"attrib" => array("href" => "http://google.com/{DATA}"),
									"html" => "{DATA}"

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Ray PaseurCommented:
I'm guessing that your data comes from a data base of some sort, right?  Why not start the app development process by making sure that your queries work correctly.  Just generate plain HTML statements to verify the data flow.  Then once that works you can start adding complexity like jQuery and plug-ins.
nainilAuthor Commented:
I have tried that and now, decided to move to using jQuery / plugins to enhance functionality.

TableGear was suggested by EE members itself. It is easy to customize and work with. However, I was unable to get hyperlinks show up in the grid developed using jQuery/ TableGear and decided to request some help here.

Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
Well. What can I say.
Visited tablegear and looked at the first example.


It sorts dates and amounts alphabetically. That is of course not very clever.
UPDATE: Seems that was just on the first page. I have informed Andrew that he should not give a complex example with a simple sort on the first demo page of many.
nainilAuthor Commented:
Figured out the solution with some additional troubleshooting.
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