Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 won't install.

Using XP Home Edition and meet the hardware requirements; however, the installation will go all the way until the end then the error "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 encountered an error during setup."

I've tried running the setup from both the disc and the hardrive - same result.

Any help is appriciated.
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web_trackerComputer Service TechnicianCommented:
Do you have a previous version of the software installed, such as MS office 2007? If so try unistalling it first to see if that helps. If this is a burned disc, it could be a damaged file on the disc that the installation is trying to access. Or the disc itself may have a scratch and therefore the install is having trouble reading the file.  Believe it or not try burning a new copy of the same disc may correct the damaged file. Last week I had a customer who had the same type of issue and when I have tried reburning the software on a new disc and then tried reinstalling MS office and it installed fine. If you have an older optical drive, you may need to run a cd drive cleaning disc in it to clean the lens. Also have trouble reading damaged discs or damaged files, and by reburning the disc it may solve your problems.
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
See if this will help

If this is a TRIAL version and you have had it installed previously, then it will not install again.

Hoepfully the above article will assist you.

JD_PowersAuthor Commented:
web tracker: unfortunately that didn't work, I was able to successfully install the program on my laptop using the onboard DVD drive. Then I plugged in a USB DVD drive to the workstation I've been having issues with, that I know works and the same issue came up - so it's related to that computer.

carrzkiss: I'll try your solution tonight by installing .NET 4.0 platform.

Thanks you both!
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web_trackerComputer Service TechnicianCommented:
Different optical drives read the discs differently, some are able to correct minor errors on a disc a therefore install the software, where as older drives may just give up when it finds an error in a file on the disc. This is why I requested you to try reburning the disc on a system that installs the sofware without any issues. I was skeptical in trying this as well, because the customer has already informed me that the software using the same disc installs the software on other computers without problems. But when I reburned the disc and then tried to reinstall the software on the problem computer then it installed fine. If you are getting an error message that it is looking for a file in a cab file to insert the disc that contains the file, then the problem is most likely a corrupted file on the disc, that some optical readers are able to correct.

If after you install .net 4.0 platform and are still having issues installing the ms office software let us know exactly what the error message says.

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Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
The .NET 4.0 is optional, it is not required.

Check your Network card and see if the Advanced tab gives you the Firewall information (or) an Error.
If it is an Error, then following the directions here
I would recommend uninstalling your security software and then restart the computer. Install msoffice.

Try it

JD_PowersAuthor Commented:
I installed .NET 4.0 yesterday, rebooted and got the same error message. The install would basically complete, then backtrack and the previous error mentioned would pop up:  "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 encountered an error during setup." I think i'm going to just rebuild the GD computer, this is ridiculous. I'll probably just put WIN 7 pro on the machine and go from there. However, I do appricaite all your help and insight in the matter. I'll accept as multiple solutions.
JD_PowersAuthor Commented:
Thanks again, I'm more than confident your solution would have worked, but this machine is jacked up.
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
You never stated rather this was a "TRIAL" version of office or not?
The error that you are getting will happen if it is a TRIAL and it has already been installed once and reached its limited trial day state.

Other issues are with the last link that I provided.
Chances are, if you reinstall the system, it will do the same thing.

If it is a TRIAL, there is nothing you can do about it.
If you time is up, it is up.

Take Care and good luck
JD_PowersAuthor Commented:
Roger. It wasn't a trial version, it is the full version, purchased of the software. So...

But regardless, thanks for your help. Have a great day.
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Then make sure that WMI is installed properly.
You need to do a lot of checking like I did before you reinstall the system.
I am telling you, Microsoft developed the new Office to be very picky and sensitive on what it is installed on, and if you reinstall your system and the problem still exist, then you will be right back where you are right now.

Check the Advanced Tab on your Network card and make sure that you see the FIREWALL information, if you do not, then WMI is not installed and the last link will give you the information to reinstall it.

Good luck in your task
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