Adjust for Daylight Savings Time

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I need to allow people to select between daylight savings time ON (+1) or OFF (-1) which should adjust the time up/down by one hour on that setting.

If possible, I'd like also to rename the existing selection mouse-overs to say simply "Select A Time Zone" and nothing else.

Assistance is greatly appreciated.
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Curt LindstromConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I worked that one out :-) I'm adding 1 when ON and 0 when OFF.

Curt LindstromCommented:
Ok, I'm working on this right now. Will post the solution here in a few minutes

rtod2Author Commented:
Sorry Curt.  Off should remain unchanged and On should be (+1).  This would make a -6 default setting for central time for instance move up to -5.
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Curt LindstromCommented:
I believe I got this working now.
Formulas have changed to include a lookup from a new small table on sheet3 with ON (+ 1) and OFF (0) adding 1 or 0 to the times.
Formula as added in column G and copied down to the end of current page
The same vlookup has been added to the formulas in column D-F

rtod2Author Commented:
Good stuff.  Can you fix the mouse-over text so that it it only shows the message to the user.
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