Dell KVM software ?

Hi Experts,

I have a dell PowerEgde 15FP kvm model, is there anyway that I can use its software to view boxes which connected to the kvm instead of using web browser? what software should I download?

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SJCAConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I've found a dell software that called Dell_multi_device. Also called 'remote console switch' app
Fire_fly321Connect With a Mentor Commented:
A dell 15FP is a rack mount monitor and keyboard. Do you have a seporate KVM module or device? What do you have for servers?
hoodlum_1978Connect With a Mentor Commented:
From my knowledge there is no such software. You have to use a web browser (I’m pretty surprise that you can even manage this model of KVM by Web Browser because I have few old PowerEgde 15FP, and we can’ t do that,)
SJCAAuthor Commented:
found it myself.
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