What security? is Mcafee ok?

I recently just got a new computer that comes with Mcafee pre-installed and a years free subscription firewall and antiovirus package. Is McAfee a good package or should I just bin it and go back to my trusty combo of AVG and Zone Alarm free editions that I had on my old machine?

Any suggestions on this would be appreciated. Are there any better free softare packages out there than zone alarm and AVG?

I'm on Win 7 64 bit.
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I concur with the 'bloat' comments above and recently updated my article. You might want to review it here for more details:
http://www.experts-exchange.com/A_1958.html (MALWARE - "An Ounce of Prevention...")

I've never been a fan of software firewalls (as I mention there) and the lifetime license for Malwarebytes will be the best (IT) money you've ever spent.

Mcafee is a solid anti-virus package.  There is another program by microsoft called microsoft security essentials.  

This is a free, comprehensive ant-virus, malware and spyware product.
This product is ideal for the home user.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I find McAfee has gotten seriously bloated over the years, ESPECIALLY the home product and no longer recommend it.  Currently, I'm most pleased with Sunbelt's VIPRE product.  I would NEVER recommend current, past, or near future Symantec products.  And I wouldn't trust most free products (Security Essentials MSE) being an exception).  I've have mixed experiences with several other products including NOD32 and Kaspersky.  There's no clear cut answer on Antivirus - there are dozens of options and pretty much all of them stink by comparison to the products of 15 years ago (which can't cut it against today's malware). (And that includes McAfee, VIPRE, and MSE)
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I agree.  I also  believe that Mcafee is designed more for enterprises. I would also say the samething with Symantec.   I don't think these are good for home users.  Theyre very heavy and most users just want  a  straight-forward anti-virus, malware, and spyware solution.   Mcafee is made to be customized  and control with their server product (EPO server) which is why I say its better for enterprise use. The same with Symantec.  
Avast free antivirus. For home edition best software, i am using it from years.
I disagree entirely with the recommendation for "Free" AVAST.

I quit using the paid version (of AVAST) after switching my customers to MS MSE, but the paid version did do an OK job.

Compare the cost of that new computer you just got and ask yourself if it is worth risking that investment for some "free" product.

I don't really consider MS MSE as "free", since you are paying for it - after a fashion - with the purchase of the Windows OS.

Microsoft Security Essentials
Malwarebytes - Pro
Linksys/Netgear router
Careful use of the Internet/email
I'm one of those who like standalone freebies(not Security Suites)...my AV is only a free version, :).
Any standalone AV or Security Suite are pretty much the same when we're talking about rogues they're not really that good in protecting the system in terms of malware. But a specialized standalone anti-malware seems better.

I concur younghv's MalwareBytes suggestion(for anti-malware), it's an excellent value for its lifetime license.

You have windows 7, 64 bit OS which means basically more secure than any windows. So far there are only very few nasties that infects 64 bit systems, mostly it's still a 32bit based nasties infecting only the 32 bit portion.
So if I had a 64bit OS I'd feel much secure that I'd just take advantage of the free AV/anti-malware apps.

The Patchguard and UAC are additional security of 64bit systems that prevents dangerous malware from installing. 32bit based rootkits can't install on a 64bit system because the OS will not allow their drivers to be installed, though they can still cause chaos within the 32bit location of the 64bit OS.
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Thanks for that. very helpful.
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