Windows Vista sfc.exe not repairing know corrupt or missing DLL files.

I have a Dell laptop with some corrupt and missing DLL files after installing some Windows updates.

Running sfc.exe from a command prompt always completes without repairing or replacing known missing/corrupt files.

The files that have been reported by Vista as missing/corrupt are

initpki.dll (missing)
dssenh.dll (corrupt)
gpkcsp.dll (missing)
sccbase.dll (missing)
slbcsp.dll (missing)

Second question: is there a way I dont know to do a repair installation from the recovery partition on the HDD? I can only see options to restore to factory or recover from a backup image.

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scorptecConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
im afraid I never got to solve this original issue as we opted for a Windows 7 updgrade which resolved the issue in the process. Effectively an upgrade install fixed the issue.
Jackie ManCommented:
How do you sfc.exe?

Try to run sfc /scannow in an elevated command prompt.

Details of sfc /scannow is as follows:-

1. Open a Command Window in Administrator mode:

* clickStart
* click All Programs, thenAccessories
* right click on the Command Prompt option,
* on the drop down menu which appears, click on the Run as Administrator option.

* If you haven’t disabled User Account Control (and you shouldn’t!) you will be asked for authorisation. Click the Continue button if you are the administrator or insert the administrator password.

2. Start the System File Checker

* In the Command Prompt window, type:sfc /scannow,
* press Enter.
* You’ll see “Beginning system scan. This process will take some time”.

The scan may take some time and windows will repair/replace any corrupt or missing files. You will be asked to insert your Windows 7 DVD if it’s needed.

Close the Command Prompt Window when the job is finished.
Jackie ManCommented:
Second question: is there a way I dont know to do a repair installation from the recovery partition on the HDD?  <- The answer is NO, you cannot do a repair installation from the recovery partition on the HDD.

Please read the article below to get a rough idea of how recovery partition is made.

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scorptecAuthor Commented:
I have enabled the adminstrator account and am logging in using the normally hidden administrator account so I dont need to know/remove the passward on the normal login.

Running a command prompt when logged in as admin always runs with elevated privileges.

Or as this where I am coming unstuck? (Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit)

I run the command sfc /scannow and its completing without error. I have tried numerous times now, in safe mode and out of safe mode in the Administrator account.

Because this PC has a recovery partition instead of a Windows DVD, what will it do even if it does find a file that is missing/corrupt? Will I come unstuck? I dont currently have access to a 32bit Vista DVD. Or can I point it to the recovery partition for the missing files?

Thanks for confirming about the recovery partition. :)
Jackie ManCommented:
Try to run system restore to go back to a restore point before the windows update.
scorptecAuthor Commented:
yeah, i will have to try that. I will need to get more detail about when the issue started exactly because they have been sitting on it for a while before doing anything about it. =/
scorptecAuthor Commented:
as far as sfc not finding the missing/corrupt files, have I got you stumped?

How I know they are missing is when I try to repair their association in the registry running "regsvr32 dssenh.dll" for example it comes up with the error.

Jackie ManCommented:
as far as sfc not finding the missing/corrupt files, have I got you stumped? No, I have encountered stranger problems than yours.

What other software you have installed?

The missing dll files are not inside Windows Vista -> run sfc /scannow will not report any errors.

BTW, have you installed Registry Optimizer? It seems to create registry problem.

you can download a vista recovery cd :      

boot form it, and run a repair, or sfc
scorptecAuthor Commented:
@jackieman. Its not my PC but there doesnt appear to be any dodgy software installed. I never install 'tools' like Registry Optimiser and there appears to be evidence of the owner doing the same.

My searches indicate that all the files are all Windows files. Which is why Im concerned about them not being repaired. See this thread for mentions of the files in question. 

What evidence to you have to the contrary?

@nobus: thanks, great link. :)
**note that repairing from cd is not the same as from within windows..
Jackie ManCommented:
The link you post refers to xp, windows 2000 and windows server 2003 only.

I have not said that the all files are illegal, they are only not available in vista setup DVD and are installed when certain models of HP printers are installed.
then you can close this question, yes?
scorptecAuthor Commented:
I thought I had. (multiple times now)
scorptecAuthor Commented:
Circumstances changed and I was not able to attempt suggested solutions before resolving the issue. A Windows Upgrade was performed instead which resolved the issue.
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