SQL vs Access in ASP.net


I have an ASP.net web application and have been trying to set up a SQL backend but am getting
a network error and am fed up with the utter stupidity of the Microsoft team in this regard, because the same error is all over the net with no intuitive answer
I am an Access developer and want to use an access backend. Users of my site will presss a button that returns a simple select query. Can up to 50 people doi this at once? Can Access handle that.
Murray BrownMicrosoft Cloud Azure/Excel Solution DeveloperAsked:
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soujanya_gConnect With a Mentor Commented:


The basic difference between these are, If you have large volume of the data the people would go for SQL Server

Alpesh PatelAssistant ConsultantCommented:
SQL Server can handle better concurrent transactions.
Murray BrownMicrosoft Cloud Azure/Excel Solution DeveloperAuthor Commented:
That is the answer that I am looking for. Nice one ;)
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