Missing companyweb\ sharepoint on SBS 2003

Have a customer with a SBS 2003.
They now want to start using sharepoint to give access to some files to a few external users.
Trying to set it up I find companyweb is giving error :# The website declined to show this webpage.# trying to start it locally.

Have rerun ICW and made sure all boxes is checked.

Se attached pic for IIS ISS pic ISS pic
Tore JacobsenSystem adminstratorAsked:
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djpileggiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok, I would highly suggest utilizing Microsoft's step by step to creating/extending a new Virtual Server.  Please go to http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/technet/extending-virtual-servers-HA001160786.aspx for a step by step instructions.  I did not realize until your screenshot you were using WSS 2.0. That is probably why there was the 'empty' site in IIS.  Someone started to build the new website, but did not finish.  In WSS 3.0 and later, this is all automated.  

Just from a curiosity standpoint.  Is there any reason why your company is still utilizing WSS2.0 and not using 3.0 or SharePoint Foundation?
My initial reaction to the images you have provided is the Virtual directory is empty.  The installation of the web application did now take... at all.  Was companyweb created by Central Administration?  If so, it definatly failed.  No folders, no config.web file, nothing.  What version of SharePoint are they running?  WSS 2.0?  WSS 3.0?  Both?  The reason why I ask, it looks as though there are two admin web applications.  SharePoint Central Administration I am familiar with.  The one above it is either a different version of SharePoint or a 3rd party product such as Axceler to enhance SharePoint administration abilites from the server.

I would delete the companyweb virtual directory you see in IIS (shown with provided images) and go into SharePoint central administration and rerun the Create Web Application process.  You will find that under Application Management, first column, first section, first link.

Also please note, you will have some legwork to allow this to be reachable from the internet.  One decision they should let you know up front is if they are going to want it encrypted.  Highly recommended.  I would dare say best practice for any extranet solution.
Tore JacobsenSystem adminstratorAuthor Commented:
Deleted Companyweb from IIS and am trying to Create Web Application process.
But all I see is this (see attached pic) Sharepoint certeral administration
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Just for my own clarification, are you running WSS2.0 (I believe this is correct from your screen shot)
Tore JacobsenSystem adminstratorAuthor Commented:
Tore JacobsenSystem adminstratorAuthor Commented:
Never used it, came with SBS2003.
Now, 3 years later they want to share some documents with  a few external users.
Tore JacobsenSystem adminstratorAuthor Commented:
Have now unistalled Intranet component from add\ remove program, sbs2003 etc as this link suggest.
And are now trying to reinstall. Have copied the SBS cd 3 over to server (I'm not at location) and will post back
Tore JacobsenSystem adminstratorAuthor Commented:
Going to companyweb in IE on server. Get this page. (attached pic)
Clicking on My companys internal page, this page just reload.
Holding pointer over top link, see down left corner, showing link to companyweb...

On another server it goes staight to INternal webpage when typing companyweb.

Try to type in companyweb\default.aspx gives error " server error in '/' Application Companyweb
What is the error that shows in the server error in / Application?

What is the error that shows up in the event logs if any?

What is the error that shows in the SharePoint logs if any?
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