sbs2003 hangs at start up

We are having trouble with an SBS2003.
It's a HP ML310 G4 with a HP 6-port SATA Raid Controller, 3 x 74GB sata disks in RAID5
(WORST SETUP you can imagine...) They should forbid SATA Raid.
There was a power failure and after that the server hangs while booting. The desktop appears and i can move the mouse pointer. It's not even applying computer settings, no logon screen, no  ctrl-alt-del...
Safe mode has the same result. I tried to boot with the OS cd and loaded the SATA driver using F6. This works but i don't get the option to go to the recovery console. I was able to boot using the [Admin Edit] and performed a disk checkup of my D partition. I couldn't scan the C partition using Hirens.

They don't have a UPS so there is no APC software on the server.

Any suggestions?

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FlipTripConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I have fixed my server.

After the disk integrity check I booted the server using PE and run a checkdisk on my C partition.

That fixed the problem.

thx for the help

When you get a partial boot (you can see the mouse pointer).
Can you ping the server from another machine?
Have you tried remote desktop to access it?

FlipTripAuthor Commented:
ping works
RDP doesn't
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Can you remote manage it (Computer management)?  

On a PC (XP is OK), right click My Computer -> Manage
Then Action menu -> Connect to another computer

If you can connect, then you can see the event logs and check services.  That may help some.
FlipTripAuthor Commented:
I'm now checking the disks using the array configuration utility. This takes some time.
After that I will try your suggestion and post back here.
FlipTripAuthor Commented:
thx, my bad.
FlipTripAuthor Commented:
Checkdisk resolved the problem. I had to run it from a windows PE because i was unable to use the recovery console.
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