There is no citrix xenapp server configured on the specified address

We have just setup a new XenApp 6 server cluster. We are able to launch applications from our own subnet (10.x.x.x) but not from any of our remote subnets (192.168.x.x). Whenever the users try to launch the app they get the error:

"There is no citrix xenapp server configured on the specified address"

I've tried the steps specified from the following article

But nothing seems to be working. We don't need the secure gateway at the moment, we just want to be able to launch applications from the servers internal address.
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PerimeterITConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Turns out the terminal services module on this server was corrupted.

We formatted the server and reconfigured and it came online first try.
Carl WebsterCommented:
You need to use altaddr
PerimeterITAuthor Commented:
How does this work in general?

Do I HAVE to assign a public IP to the server?
Do the remote users have to connect via public IP?

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Carl WebsterCommented:
When the launch.ica file is created, the IP address of the server is inserted.  That is 10.x.x.x.   A user from the 192.168.x.x network will need a way to get to your 10.x.x.x network.  Are you in the same building?  If not, and if you don't want to use CSG or AltAddr, you will need a way for the two separate networks to talk back and forth.
PerimeterITAuthor Commented:
The networks are connected with IPsec VPN

The internet IP of the Citrix1 server is fully accessible from the remote site.
Carl WebsterCommented:
From a remote computer can your telnet to port 1494 on one of the xenapp servers?
PerimeterITAuthor Commented:
yes, to both successfully
Carl WebsterCommented:
From the remote client, save the launch.ica file, what IP address is listed for the server?  Can the remote client ping that IP address?
In Web Interface Mgmt Console, under Web Sites, Choose Edit Secure Settings
The Default should be Direct. You can also specify your other site subnets here and set them to Direct as well.
If you have Secure Gateway installed, then choose Gateway Direct..

These settings are where we have problems most of the time.

The other thing to look at is your STA setting, but your message relates more closely to the above. If your STA is not default (XML Port Policy) then you need to have this type of URL configured: http://xenapp1.domain.local:8888/scripts/ctxsta.dll
Also, this is usually for Secure Gateway.
PerimeterITAuthor Commented:
We're not using launch.ica files?

We're trying to launch from the web console
Carl WebsterCommented:
The web console generates a launch.ica file every time you click an icon.  Right-click an icon and save the lauch.ica file.

TheBond is also correct, you may need to add a Direct option for the 192.168.x.x network.
PerimeterITAuthor Commented:
I've added the direct option for /16 to make sure everything was covered but no joy.

On a save as I don't get a launch.ica, I get a launcher.htm file. It references the sub directory the files are located in but not the originating IP or FQDN.
Can you try the address translation said in the third post?
PerimeterITAuthor Commented:
I'm lost on the first line

1. Display the Server-side firewall settings page.
2. Select Translated address in Default address translation setting.
3. Under Specific address translation settings, enter 192.168. in the Client
address prefix field.
4. Select Normal address.
5. Click the Add button. 192.168 = Normal is displayed in the Setting map list.
This means that for clients connecting on the 192.168 subnet, an internal
address is returned.
6. Under MetaFrame server address translation map, enter
in the Server address field.
7. In the Translated address field, enter 90.xx.xx.xx:1494.
8. Click Add. In the Translation map list, = 90.xx.xx.xx:1494
is displayed. This means that for clients connecting on the 123.23 subnet, the
Web Interface uses the translated address specified.
9. Click Save to save the changes.
10. Click Apply Changes in the Apply changes page.
As you are using xenapp 6, this is an example for 4.5 however the option are same except for name difference in few parts:

   1. Click Start > All Programs > Citrix > Management Consoles > Access Management Console.
   2. Select the access server farm node and click Edit farm properties.
   3. On the Presentation Server Farms page, select the farm and click Edit. The Presentation Server Farm Properties appear.
   4. On the Address Mode page, click Address Translation.
   5. Click New.
   6. Enter the internal IP address and port of the XenApp server.
   7. In the Translated address box, enter the external IP address and port that clients must use to connect to the server.
   8. On the Address Mode page, click New to open the New Client Address Mode dialog box. Add the client IP address or range of addresses for the clients that use the translated address you just configured. Select Translated Address from the Server Address Mode list.

Yes internal address is your citrix server address and ext, try the other subnet
PerimeterITAuthor Commented:
Found the solution
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