How to change from French to English Office Home & Student setup?

While installing MS Home & Student 2010 a client hit French instead of English for the language, How to change to English?
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wwakefieldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am thinking she needs to complete the install and then uninstall.   Am I correct in assuming they did not complete the install?  I would assume that they can muddle through finishing the install in French.
Fire the client...

Seriously, just uninstall and reinstall.  That way it is clean and you know there is nothng residual biting you later.
TTTTiaAuthor Commented:
It turns out the client was in Windows 7 and is not able to go to the Control Panel to uninstal and reinstall. If she turns it off and then turns it back on it pops up where she left off.
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TTTTia--If the client would rather uninstall and reinstall, try Revouninstaller to uninstall.
TTTTiaAuthor Commented:
I ended up finishing the install, then tried F11, didn't work. Then I took another new laptop downloaded and installed everything, then did a system image so it could failr on the 4th disk. So... reinstalled the OS after waiting for the disks from HP. Finally finished!
TTTTiaAuthor Commented:
I responded with what I had done.
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