change mailbox size limits in exchange 2003

How do I change the mailbox size limit in exchange over 2gig in exchange 2003?
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KGNicklConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Step by step instructions with pictures!
I dont think there is a limit, I think its just microsoft advise not to have it bigger than 2 Gb
We had jornaling mailbox on one server 40 Gb : )
rickparyAuthor Commented:
ok, great.
Is the a limit that I need to stay under?
They are currently set to 2gig but I would like to set individuals to 4 gig...
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Do you mean for each user account?

If for each user account.

Open Exchange System Manager and go to

Administrative Groups -> Server -> First Storage Group > Right click on Mailbox Store and go to Limits.

type the new value in KB.
rickparyAuthor Commented:
I followed the instructions that were posted in your link.
It said the changes were successful.
When I check it normally and click ok to get out it says the numbers arent right but it does keep them to what I changed it to.
Is this normal?
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
You can create the system policy according to the requirement and add the required DB in the policy. This will apply the policy to all user which are part of that DB.
I believe the normal check will not display the changes (since its a "hack" in a sense). To verify you might want to setup a test mailbox w/ an increased limit and then just send a bunch of large files to it to verify just to be safe. Not the most fun thing to do, but then you won't go to sleep wondering if it really works.
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