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I would like to know what specs to look for a Cisco Switch on this configuration.

I am configuring a PIX/ASA and a CISCO switch with the configuration provided by tgerbert but I would like to know what model of switch should I use and what to look for on the switch?
Second: I would like to know what cable is use to trunk between the pix/asa and the switch
Third: Will the PIX/ASA 5505 work fine?.

Please advise.
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3 Solutions

this depends on your network LAN speed, if 1Gig or 100Mbps, and if you have PoE devices like IPphones etc,,and the budget you have ..
from your network, you can use any of 2900 series (L2), i recommend 2960
or you can go to L3 switch 3500 .. i recommend 3560

chenzoviccAuthor Commented:
The reality is that the customer I have does not want to spend much as he is going to buy the

Will the 2924 or 2950 work fine?. Please advise me as you are expert on this things.
I would go with a 2960S full gigabit to all ports and inter-vlan routing if required.
Will 24x gig ports + the 7x 10/100 ports on the ASA be enough?

WS-C2960S-24TS-L  Catalyst 2960S 24 GigE, 4 x SFP LAN Base  
WS-C2960-24TC-L  Catalyst 2960 24 10/100 + 2T/SFP LAN Base Image  

Standard CAT5e patch cable between the ASA and the 2960 switch

Be sure that you get the ASA with enough user licenses (10, 50 or unlimited) and DMZ. I recommend the Sec+ with unlimited user license.
ASA5505-SEC-BUN-K9  ASA 5505 Sec Plus Appliance with SW, UL Users, HA, 3DES/AES  
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chenzoviccAuthor Commented:
I know this could be another question but according to the diagram I provided for you.
Can I just configure E 0/1 with network and place a linksys switch and on port E 0/2
with network and place a linksys switch?

Yes, that will work fine but if the two networks need to talk to each other, be careful of the license on the ASA5505 because most options restrict communications between the vlans. The Sec+ does not restrict it.
chenzoviccAuthor Commented:
I need the two networks to be completely separate as they are 2 different businesses(One is investments and another Insurance but in the same office) so I think it will work fine.
Now Do I have to assign the same security level to E 0/1 and E 0/2.

No, you can assign e1 default inside security level of 100 and e2 as level 99 if you want
chenzoviccAuthor Commented:
I configured the pix and try to connect my laptop directly into the port e 0/1 with the
and I was able to connect into the internet but when I try to connect with my laptop directly into the port
e 0/2 ip address I can not access the internet. I am providing the configuration if you can please
advise why I can not connect on that port.


This is the configuration:

ASA Version 7.2(4)
hostname CASA
domain-name cib.com
enable password 1plFi encrypted
passwd 2K encrypted
interface Vlan1
 nameif inside
 security-level 100
 ip address
interface Vlan2
 no forward interface Vlan1
 security-level 97
 ip address
interface Vlan11
 nameif outside
 security-level 0
 ip address dhcp setroute
interface Ethernet0/0
 switchport access vlan 11
interface Ethernet0/1
interface Ethernet0/2
 switchport access vlan 2
interface Ethernet0/3
interface Ethernet0/4
interface Ethernet0/5
interface Ethernet0/6
interface Ethernet0/7
ftp mode passive
dns server-group DefaultDNS
 domain-name cib.com
pager lines 24
mtu inside 1500
mtu outside 1500
icmp unreachable rate-limit 1 burst-size 1
asdm image disk0:/asdm-524.bin
no asdm history enable
arp timeout 14400
global (outside) 101 interface
nat (inside) 101
timeout xlate 3:00:00
timeout conn 1:00:00 half-closed 0:10:00 udp 0:02:00 icmp 0:00:02
timeout sunrpc 0:10:00 h323 0:05:00 h225 1:00:00 mgcp 0:05:00 mgcp-pat 0:05:00
timeout sip 0:30:00 sip_media 0:02:00 sip-invite 0:03:00 sip-disconnect 0:02:00
timeout sip-provisional-media 0:02:00 uauth 0:05:00 absolute
http server enable
http inside
http inside
no snmp-server location
no snmp-server contact
snmp-server enable traps snmp authentication linkup linkdown coldstart
telnet inside
telnet inside
telnet timeout 5
ssh timeout 5
console timeout 0
dhcp-client client-id interface outside

class-map inspection_default
 match default-inspection-traffic
policy-map type inspect dns preset_dns_map
  message-length maximum 512
policy-map global_policy
 class inspection_default
  inspect dns preset_dns_map
  inspect ftp
  inspect h323 h225
  inspect h323 ras
  inspect netbios
  inspect rsh
  inspect rtsp
  inspect skinny
  inspect esmtp
  inspect sqlnet
  inspect sunrpc
  inspect tftp
  inspect sip
  inspect xdmcp
service-policy global_policy global
prompt hostname context
: end
asdm image disk0:/asdm-524.bin
no asdm history enable

User Access Verification

Type help or '?' for a list of available commands.
CA> en
Password: ******
CASA# config t
CASA(config)# sh ver

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 7.2(4)
Device Manager Version 5.2(4)

Compiled on Sun 06-Apr-08 13:39 by builders
System image file is "disk0:/asa724-k8.bin"
Config file at boot was "startup-config"

CASA up 24 mins 9 secs

Hardware:   ASA5505, 256 MB RAM, CPU Geode 500 MHz
Internal ATA Compact Flash, 128MB
BIOS Flash Firmware Hub @ 0xffe00000, 1024KB

Encryption hardware device : Cisco ASA-5505 on-board accelerator (revision 0x0)
                             Boot microcode   : CNlite-MC-Boot-Cisco-

Licensed features for this platform:
Maximum Physical Interfaces : 8
VLANs                       : 3, DMZ Restricted
Inside Hosts                : 50
Failover                    : Disabled
VPN-DES                     : Enabled
VPN-3DES-AES                : Enabled
VPN Peers                   : 10
WebVPN Peers                : 2
Dual ISPs                   : Disabled
VLAN Trunk Ports            : 0

This platform has a Base license.

Serial Number: JMX13
Running Activation Key: 0xd307f771 0xa3d46c94 0x48261487
Configuration register is 0x1
Configuration last modified by enable_15 at 15:34:04.582 UTC Wed Mar 23
Simply add:
  nat (REALESTATE) 101 0 0
chenzoviccAuthor Commented:
Thanks memo and Irmoore for your answers to my questions. Thanks for the last reply Irmoore works fine
when I add the nat.
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