Access to OWA behind Sonicwall from another device using same connections

NSA3500 has
X1-  (.192-254)
X2- (.137-.142)

X2 is a Comcast connection behind an SMC 8504(?) whose IP address is (the gateway for X2). Also plugged into the SMC via the built in switch is the WAN side of a pfSense firewall(also using as the gateway). On the LAN side of the pfSense are WAPs for Public Internet use. Outlook Web Access is available to the Internet at NATed to a private IP.

The issue is that hosts on the Public Internet Wireless are unable to connect to OWA. These hosts are behind the pfSense (for Captive Portal Reasons), but using the same network as the X2 WAN on the Sonicwall. I presume the Sonicwall sees traffice coming into it from an IP that is on its on WAN as some kind of 'spoof'??

How can I allow this traffic? I'kk try to uplaod a pdf diagram of this if I can

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gwa60060Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:


Is there another reason why you need the connection between the two routers?

Internal LAN clients also utilize the Comcast connection in addition to the Wireless Public LAN.
Maybe a solution would be to forward OWA traffic to Exchange from one of the Comcast IPs and add another dns host for that IP.

Are the correct outbound ports open for the public internet wireless network?

ports 80 and 443 should be  open going out for secure and non-secure web traffic

gwa60060Author Commented:
Sorry, forgot to say that access is fine from any other internet connection, it just doesn't work from the wireless network behinfd the pfsense.
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Try removing the connection between the SMC and the sonicwall.  

You are natting between the X1 and Exchange to make owa (probably one to one nat) to make owa work and to make it also work internally from your WAPs, you would also have to NAT one to one from X2.  That kind of kills the purpose of one to one nat.  

By removing the connection between the SMC and the sonicwall, you will force the OWA wireless clients to use the internet to get to the owa and it should work fine.

Is there another reason why you need the connection between the two routers?
are the wireless users able to access anything else on the internal LAN or is it just OWA the problem?
gwa60060Author Commented:
They have no need to access the LAN. They only need OWA
gwa60060Author Commented:
I solved it myself -  see 03/22/11 07:50 PM, ID: 35195095
gwa60060Author Commented:
This worked as a solution
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