Mass Delete WordPress Subscribers with MySql Query

Hi, I have this query to select my wordpress subscribers, but, now I need to delete them. Can someone help me change this to work?

I would need to delete their rows from the wp_users table and all associated data from the wp_usermeta table.

SELECT user_id, user_id 
AS ID, user_login, display_name, user_email, meta_value 
FROM wp_users, wp_usermeta 
WHERE wp_users.ID = wp_usermeta.user_id 
   AND meta_value LIKE '%subscriber%' 
ORDER BY wp_usermeta.user_id

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adrian7474Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Sorry, I have over ten thousand users. This would take all day to do. I ended up finding this query solution.

#Run this first ////
DELETE FROM insider_users
WHERE ID NOT IN (SELECT post_author FROM insider_posts)
# Then run this ///
FROM insider_usermeta WHERE user_id NOT IN
(SELECT ID FROM insider_users)

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CREATE TABLE temptable (temp_id VARCHAR(250) PRIMARY KEY);
INSERT temptable(temp_id)
SELECT wp_users.user_id FROM wp_users, wp_usermeta
WHERE wp_users.user_id = wp_usermeta.user_id
AND meta_value LIKE '%subscriber%'
ORDER BY wp_usermeta.user_id;
DELETE from wp_users where user_id in (select temp_id from temptable);
DELETE from wp_usermeta where user_id in (select temp_id from temptable);
DROP TABLE temptable;

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You can use wp_delete_user() , especially if you need to reassign any posts.

If you look at the code wp_delete_user() also calls clean_user_cache() before deleting the user
After some thinking, I found a way that does that without you running any queries, scripts or anything...
Go to your Wordpress Dashboard, go to Users, click on Subscriber, check the checkbox left to the "Username", select from "Bulk actions" Delete, click Apply.

How to delete all subscribers within Wordpress Dashboard
adrian7474Author Commented:
Found my own solution.
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