Live clock and "time left" on page

I have a page which has a date/time stored in the database. Let's say "Table1.MyDateTime", which is stored in a label called "labelMyDateTime".

How can I...
(1) Display the LIVE SERVER TIME and have it update with each second AND
(2) Display the LIVE TIME UNTIL Table1.MyDateTime/labelMyDateTime (example: "3 days, 2 hours, 15 minutes left")

Again, both needs to update each second.

Please provide sample code.

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xav056Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Date.Now would actually get you the server time to refresh every second you will have to use an update panel
check those two links out
RobertNZanaAuthor Commented:
The problem is that I'm using a modelpopupextender on the page and when they invoke the popup on the "tick" the popup disappears. So, that's the obstacle at the moment. Any other ideas?
look at conditionally updating the update panel
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another idea
if the date is not in the pop up extender, disable the time untill the popup extender is dimissed
RobertNZanaAuthor Commented:
can u provide code for this?
just put your popup extender code in a different update panel and set the update mode on both to conditional
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