Outlook 2010 does not archive an item once it has been flagged.

When trying to archive in outlook 2010, item that have been flagged do not get archived even when the "include item with the Do not archive " is checked. Also tried clearing the fags but still will not archive.
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LealITAuthor Commented:
to sekarc4u::

Thanks for the reply. I had a misconception. I always thought archiving took the sent or reveided date instead of the last modified date. I have flagged an item today and will wait for the the modified date to pass and then try archiving. will post my feedback when done.
Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerCommented:
Sure check and let me know.
LealITAuthor Commented:
To sekarc4u:

Ok resolved. Once passed the modified date on a flagged item, it was archived.

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