Linux is listen on - I can not change - nevertheless, access from outside?

Dear all,

on my ubuntu-server is a service, which is unfortunately listening on instead of There is no config file to change this.

Is there any possibility, for example with iptables - using NAT - to access on this specific  port?

Thanks a lot.
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PowerToasterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could also use rinetd to forward the appropriate port from a normal to the loopback ip.

rinetd.conf 80 80

Which service?
it-mpibAuthor Commented:
Sophos Anti-Virus Web UI
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You could proxy the requests - if it is http traffic than with web proxy (squid, apache mod_proxy).

Otherwise a TCP or UDP proxy (,,

Iptables (kernel) has some limitations to redirecting to
Chris WongCommented:
As it is not possible to change the port the Web GUI is listening on, you can do one of the following:
- use command line tools to perform every task that is configurable from the Web GUI. For more details refer to the Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux User Manual.
- use 3rd party tools like rinetd to redirect port 8081 to another additional port to listen on.
I suggest you  install VNC  anduse VNC to connect  to it. I read the manual here and I dot think its possible..
it-mpibAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot
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