Just one calendar entry not syncing to an iPhone


We have a user here who has an issue with one calendar entry not syncing to her iphone. All the other ones are and ones we create are syncing but not this one specific one.

It's nothing special, an entry created by her which is a copy and paste of an email about a train ticket booking.

I wonder whether something in the HTML is upsetting the iphone.

Anyone seen this before?

The server is Exchange 2010, the client is Outlook 2007 and the iPhone is the latest iphone 4 ios4.3.


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stonnewayAuthor Commented:
Problem still exists. Nothing seems to have solved it. This can be closed as the user isn't complaining about it
Try turn antivirus off on computer then sync. Also try clearing sync history I. Itunes under preferance / advance.

stonnewayAuthor Commented:
Sorry, this is the exchange sync to the iphone, not via outlook. The iPhone has never synced with the outlook client. I should have made that clear.
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> save the working and non-working meeting-requests as ics files
Open them in a txt file....check for the differences.
I have seen similar occurrences in our environment.  In both cases, it turned out to be a corrupt calendar event.  The solution was to delete and recreate the calendar event.

Hope that helps.
stonnewayAuthor Commented:
None of the solutions solved the issue so we have worked around it
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