Configuring one Static IP to Two different Server for Remote access from outside.


I have one static IP and I have to connect two different windows 2003 servers of local LAN to access remote access from out side, I am using Dlink GLB 502 T ADSL router pl. let me know how to configure this.
On one server I had change remote port from 3389 to 3390, but still I am not able to access both server from outside.
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wgray05Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to add NAT mappings which direct traffic from the outside to the correct host on the inside. Check out this link. This one shows how to set it up for 3389. For the 2nd server, repeat the same process but substitute 3390 for the port.
Glen KnightCommented:
you could always remote desktop from one server to the other?
You could also get a device like a sonicwall, cisco ASA etc. that would allow you to connect via a VPN connection into the site and you have full access to the whole site?

Along with the ideas of demazter and Auric1983, you could also use something like LogMeIn which would be a bit easier to set up than the VPN,
rbs1968Author Commented:
Prefact solutions, Thanks
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