I have two smtp issues.  I have a program that sends an e-mail out to a group of people when an action is done.  It is not working so I am using telnet to see what the issue is.  My first issue is that about a year ago we switched from to  so now when I telnet and do mail it comes back with authenticated  and when I try to send it says unable to relay.  I am pretty sure the issue is that it views me as how do I change that to help me relay to outside mail.  Inside mail works fine becuase I allow olddomain to work in my network.
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Grant the IP of the machine, and your test machine, access to allow relay.  I assume Exchange 2003 based on your zones.
What version of Exchange are you running?
nelslarsonAuthor Commented:
I had to allow my subnet in order to make this work.
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