Toshiba Tecra Power Issue

I have a Toshiba Tecra A4 S313 that doesn't power on anymore.
Power light is on when plugging in the charger.

I tried the following steps:
Reseated the battery, memory, and hard drive.
Laptop doesn't turn on with or without battery.

any suggestion??

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NTucciConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
everything seems to be working ok now. the power button had to pressed a certain way. thanks everyone.
Remove the power plug and the battery. Keep the battery aside.
Press the power on button for about 20 secs. Connect back power and test.

Is your power adapter okie ?
If you can get a similar power adapter use it for testing. May be your current power adapter is faulty.

If you have a good power adapter. Remove the RAM sticks and apply AC power.
You should hear some beeps from the machine. If no beeps it could be either CPU or mother board is faulty.
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NTucciAuthor Commented:

Tried your suggestions but still nothing.

NTucciAuthor Commented:
The charging light is on but nothing happens when i try to power on.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Can you clarify whether the "charging light" is a light on the adapter, or a light on the laptop, or both?
First things first .
Check power adapter is working correctly.

If adapter is working then

step 2.

Check out your power adapter.

If DC power jack is working then
 step 3

If power jack is working then

Check the video.

Please let us know what you find.
opps Step 2 should be Check your Power Adapter
try testing the battery in another working Toshiba, or test with a new battery
the battery can be bad, or empty
its charger circuits may block the power adaptor voltage
if battery and power adaptor are verified ok -  you have a problem with the mothercboard or cpu
btw - did you remove the dvd  drive too?  if not try without it
that one is new to me...
Pull all hard disks, dvd drive (little screw in a square hole on the bottom)
Plug the computer into a universal power adapter and try to boot it up, if it does not turn on reseat your ram.
Failing that, you could have a bad motherboard, or a shorted keyboard.

I'd pull the keyboard next and try booting one last time before giving up on the unit.

(yes I know it's a laptop, the procedure can be googled)

The reason for the Universal adapter is to be certain you have a good power supply, if it boots with the universal and not your power block, you have a bad power adapter.

By pulling the two drives, you remove two devices that pull current and could be shorted out preventing the computer from booting.
If it comes up with the devices out, try shutting down and inserting one device back at a time to determine which of the two is shorted out.

If it's dead, it's dead.
I'd recommend not replacing the motherboard on this unit as it's a pain to do and you can find a replacement unit on ebay, and pop in your hard disk and be back up and running under $250

Ebay has an auction #160563292827 for this model, in working condition right now it's $.99
I'd use phantombidder to snipe the bid and bid maybe $200 you will most likely win it between $130 and 170 but might win it for as little as $75.00 based on a history of this model selling on ebay in the last year.

A motherboard can be had tested from ebay if you want to tear the unit apart for $69.00 as a buy it now, but I'd just buy a working on, and list yours on ebay. Started at .99 with the description of the above issues it would sell between $30-70 without your hard disk in broken condition.

Just some basic advice on trouble shooting , but more importantly how to solve the main problem of needing a working unit.
that often points to a bad button, maybe a piece of the power button plastic is broken off. Had an HP that had that issue, fixed it by buying a used plastic rest on ebay.
sometimes it can be a motherboard issue to,
NTucciAuthor Commented:
Solved issue myself
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