Removing Storage Groups in Exchange 2007 ccr

After a large migration project I want to consolidate remaining mailboxes onto fewer storage groups in Exchange, I have had a search and can't find anything specific regarding considerations when removing Storage Groups from a Clustered Mailbox Server.

Is it just a case of dismounting the DB and removing the storage group using the EMC?
mat_sullivanInfrastructure EngineerAsked:
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Nuno MartinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
it is only a mailbox store right?
if so u got it just simple as that ;)

mat_sullivanInfrastructure EngineerAuthor Commented:
Will this also remove associated files edb, chk etc... from the server?
AkhaterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
once you have removed all mailboxes you can delete it from the EMC

however this will NOT delete the edb and log files from the servers you will need to do this manually (Exchange will give you a warning about that it should be manually removed)
Nuno MartinsCommented:
;) ... yeap, exchange doesnt remove the files ....

Just in case u got i rong ;)  
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