Retrieve AEBS router configuration info using terminal rather than Airport Utility

I have an Airport Extreme Base Station (AEBS).  Apple provides an application called Airport Utility to view and maintain this router's settings.  Most other routers have web page access to them, but as far as I know, the AEBS has no internal web page access.  How can I access the AEBS' configuration information using Terminal instead of the Airport Utility?
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lisfolksAuthor Commented:
Found an answer:  SNMP can be used.  Here is an example script which pulls the WAN IP address directly from the AEBS.  SNMP is turned on and the SNMP Community String is "public".  (In the Airport Utility, under Advanced, in the "Logging and Statistics" section, the "Allow SNMP" box must be checked.  However, the "Allow SNMP over WAN" box need not be checked - unless I want to access these settings remotely over the Internet - which I'm not interested in at this time.)



if [ $# = 1 ] ; then
IFS=" "
set -- $(netstat -nr | egrep '^|^default')
set -- $(snmpwalk -Os -c "$SNMPKEY" -v 1 "$ROUTER" ipRouteNextHop.
set -- $(snmpwalk -Os -c "$SNMPKEY" -v 1 "$ROUTER" ipRouteNextHop.$4)

echo $4

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Thanks to 'runforresterrun' over at Mac World's Mac OS X Hints area for this script:

Now, I just need to learn more SNMP to get the rest of the stuff...  :)
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