How to use the SATA native mode for HP Compaq nc6320 after an installation of XP Pro without it?

I install my HP Compaq nc6320 with the SATA mode inactivated, so that the installation disk (of Windows XP Pro SP3) works without the need of installing additional drivers. But now, when I try to start Windows XP with the SATA native mode activated (in BIOS), it doesn't work: it automatically restart the computer during the beginning of Windows XP loading...
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Hutch_77Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This is not real clear on HP's site, but it appears to be this driver
This is a driver issue.  One way that sometimes works.  go back to non native mode install the sata drivers and then change back to native mode and it may work.
toshi_Author Commented:
Dear Hutch 77,

Thanks for your answer, but I already try it. I think I tried the wrong drivers. Can you help me to find the right SATA native drivers for my HP Compaq nc6320?

Thanks in advance!
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toshi_Author Commented:
dear Hutch,

The problem is that the drive ask me for a floppy disk drive and I haven't got anyone.

Thanks in advance to find an other solution.
Hutch_77Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this.  Download 7-zip
Right click on the file and open with 7zip and extract the file to a location and then go to that location and there should be a setup file in there.
toshi_Author Commented:
Dear Hutch,

The decompression worked, but the file is a temp.IMA. How can I read this image content?

Another time thanks in advance.
Hutch_77Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Do the same thing.  I would imagine 7 zip can handle an ima file...

if not let me know I did see someting on HP's site that may help.
toshi_Author Commented:
Dear Hutch,

I thouth I already tried this solution with 7-Zip, but in fact, I didn't. It works to extract with 7-zip.

Thanks very much.

P.S: I'm now tring to install it.
toshi_Author Commented:
Dear Hutch,

I tried to install the driver, but it tell me that this is not the good info file.

Can you continue to guide me? Thanks in advance.
Hutch_77Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try these instructions :
Steps to modify a Windows XP image to support SATA Native Mode

1) Enter F10 Setup, and go to System Configuration/Device Configurations/SATA Native Mode to Disable.
2) Install Windows XP Service Pack 2 in whatever manner is typical for your organization.
3) Download the Intel SATA AHCI Controller Driver, SoftPaq SP32478.exe, from
4) Extract all the files from the SoftPaq. A USB floppy is necessary for this step. Run sp32478; this will create a floppy disk. The files will be located on this floppy.
5) These files should be located on the floppy disk.
b. iaahci.inf
d. iastor.inf
e. iastor.sys
f. license.txt
g. readme.txt
h. txtsetup.oem
6) Download and run the Intel Chipset Installation Utility for ICH7, SoftPaq SP32781, from
7) In Device Manager, right-click the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers/Intel 82801 GBM/GHM (ICH7-M Family) Serial ATA Storage Controller and select "Update Driver".
8) Follow these steps to complete the Hardware Update Wizard:
a. At the first dialog, select "No, not this time" when prompted to connect to Windows Update.
b. At the next dialog, select "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)".
c. At the next dialog, select "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install".
d. When prompted to select the device driver you want to install for this hardware, do not choose anything but click the "Have Disk..."-button.
e. Type "A:\" and click OK.
f. When prompted to select the device driver you want to install for this hardware, select the Intel 82801GBM SATA AHCI Controller
g. A warning that Windows cannot verify that the device is compatible with your hardware will appear. When asked if you want to continue installing the driver, select Yes.
h. The installation will complete.
9) Shut down Windows and restart the computer. Enter F10 setup when prompted during the boot.
10) Go to System Configuration/Device Configurations/SATA Native Mode and change it to Enable, then save settings and exit F10 Setup.
11) After Windows restarts, the additional SATA components will be updated. A System Settings Change will appear. When asked "Do you want to restart your computer now?" click Yes.
12) When Windows restarts, the SATA AHCI drivers will be completely installed.
Could also try this :
I stumbled across a very simple method whilst experimenting with a plethora of suggestions over the web.

The following works for an installation from a network drive using an unattended install.

It consists of the following.

1. Copy the Iastor.sy_ and iastor.sys files into the i386 directory
2. Modify the drvindex.inf file in the i386 directory to include the iastor entry such as this:


3. Copy the IAAHCI.INF and IASTOR.INF files into the i386 directory

4. Start the unattended install.

This works perfectly. If you need a copy of the INF files that I have adjusted let me know.
Err I jumped ahead.  The second one is tto help build a streamline install of XP.
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