Exchange 2010 Uninstall

We are upgrading a exchange 2003 environment to 2010.

I spun up a new VM for the exchange 2010 and got it installed succesfully. However I need to uninstall the version of exchange I put on there with a different version.

Currently in this setup, there is absolutely nothing on the exchange 2010 box, everything is still on the exchange 2003 server. I tried uninstalling exchange 2010 via add / remove programs and it gave me an error about arbitration mailboxes. I was able to delete those via adsiedit, but it is still giving me the same error.

So I got to thinking..since this is a VM, it might be quicker for me to just blow away the VM and create a new VM, however I'm not so sure.

My question is this:

On the Exchange 2003 server in the exchange system manager I see the new exchange server I installed. Is it safe for me to blow away the new exchange server or do I need to delete the new exchange server from the exchange system manager? If I do that will that break anything with the current exchange 2003 server?

Hopefully that makes sense.

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Nuno MartinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes. U shouldn´t have any problems with that.

pls check this article for u to remove your public folder ;)

pls come back and say how things are working ... be right here ;)

Nuno MartinsCommented:
Yes your question makes sense and the ansawer is NO, dont blow away the exchange 2010.

In the VM machine that still has the Exchange 2010 try run the following command: /m:uninstall  using the exchange cd

themightydudeAuthor Commented:
I ran that and get the same errors.

I was able to get rid of the arbitration errors, but the main one holding me back now is that the public folder database contains folder replicas and I need to remove or move the replicas to another public folder database.

I don't have anything in the public folders, and I can't delete the public folder store, so since nothing is in there and I move the replicas that shouldn't overwrite anything in the existing publics stores on the 2003 exchange server right?
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themightydudeAuthor Commented:
Ok trying to follow that but he says navigate to your configuration container and expand services.

I'm having a hard time finding services.

Any idea where that might be?
themightydudeAuthor Commented:
Figured it out...had to change my connection point.

Looks like that fixed it.

Thanks for the help!
Nuno MartinsCommented:
Nice ... Tks for the replay
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