How do you refresh fields on keyword change for a text field in Lotus Notes

Hi Experts.

I have a form that I want people to fill in which contains text fields, once they have entered some text in there I want a button to appear for them to be able to submit. I dont want the button to appear until they have entered text in there.

I have it all up and running but at the minute you have to save the form and go back in for the button to appear, or else press F9 to refresh the form and then the button appears. I know that if it was a radio button under options you can tick a box to refresh on keyword change, but this is not availble on text fields. Does anyone of a way round this?

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You could put code in the exiting event of the field, to refresh hide formulas in the uidoc.
intouchsystemsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comment gingerdeb. Can you elaborate a bit on that and maybe give me an example?

Do you mean code on the text box or the button I am trying to hide/unhide?
There is an option to "Automatically Refresh Fields" on the first tab of the form options.
It will refresh the form whenever any field is changed. It has a substantial performance hit. If you have a lot of computed fields, it could prove to be a problem.

I don't think this works on the web. It sounds like you are writing for the client and not the web but you did not mention it above.

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In the Exiting event of the particular field that you want to test for a value and dislay a button, you could put something like:

Dim ws as New NotesUIWorkspace
Dim uidoc as NotesUIDocument
Set uidoc = ws.CurrentDocument

If Not (uidoc Is Nothing) Then
     If uidoc.FieldGetText("NameofField") <> "" Then
     End if
End If
Glad to help.
intouchsystemsAuthor Commented:
The only issue with the Automatically refresh fields option I have found is that you need to move to the next field or press refresh manually (F9) for it to work
That would require type ahead. This is only available in the limited selection fields. Combo, name, author...

The only other time I have seen this as an issue is when there is a custom save, print or other button. The user can type in the field, then press this button before tabbing out. The refresh is not done and the other fields are not updated. Add a refresh command to the button, if this is the case.
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