Hard drive busted

Hi All

My hp dv6 laptop all of a sudden stopped working. I was upgrading anyways but now I need to get the data of my old drive. I bought a 2.5" inclosure and connected it to my desktop running windows 7 pro. it picks up the other partitions but not the partition with my data on. If I look in disk management it says 280.80 GB RAW, Healthy (primary partition). If I do anything then it wants to format the partition. I've put it in a machine running ubuntu 10.04 LTS as someone told me to do but no success.
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noxchoConnect With a Mentor Global Support CoordinatorCommented:
Download trial version of this tool: http://www.paragon-software.com/home/brh/
Run it - select Full Scale Mode.
There you should be able to see your drive layouts.
Then find in vertical tabs list Volume Explorer tool.
Find in it your externally connected HDD. Select RAW partition on it and double click. Does it see the data on it?
Also, using Recuva tool www.recuva.com you can copy out data from this partition.
Rikin ShahMicrosoft Dynamics CRM ConsultantCommented:
If you have any windows machine then plug this HDD into it and boot os in normal mode. scandisk will appear to scan on it... and it'll repair most of the errors on it. Next time you'll get your old partition with most of the data back.
MCPNetworkingAuthor Commented:
ive tried that but windows just restarts half way through loading. XP is loaded on the drive and when I try to do a repair it says that there are now windows installations on the current drive.
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You need to add the drive as an additional drive, and not use it as the boot drive.

I hope this helps !
I'd put the drive as a secondary drive into a windows xp computer, the best way is with a USB adapter for 2.5", they're about $25.

When you plug it into windows xp that is booted up, if it asks to format, say no.

Download getdataback for ntfs from runtime.org and scan the hard disk from your laptop, it will search for you data, this will take quite a while, let it run for a few hours while you get a nice lunch, or at night.

Once it finds your files, (if it finds your files). File, Save.
Pay for the program if it has found your data, then put the serial number in and  start the next phase of recovery. Get data back is less than $100 and will retrieve data if the file structure remains on the wiped drive.

Failing that,  you can try photorec and scan the drive in ntfs mode and let it scan for a while and it will carve files out of the raw data for you, this is a last resort as it will carve good as well as bad data files from your hard disk.
MCPNetworkingAuthor Commented:
Thx guys.
Someone told me to load Linux and connect the drive in linux which also disnt work. Then got a [Reference to a well-known Boot CD Removed] disk which did work. Got all the data off. Pity I couldn't get the partition active again.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Did you try two tools I suggested?
BTW, the CD used by you contains pirated software and EE rules do not allow references to it here.
MCPNetworkingAuthor Commented:
yes tried recuva. got a few files back but not even half of it. BTW its freeware
MCPNetworkingAuthor Commented:
Point in right direction. just used a different recovery tool.
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