Not able to make outbound call

Please help me figure out why unable to make the outbound call.Attached is the log file for it.
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Rick HobbsRETIREDCommented:
A decimal value of 16 is disconnect cause equal to normal call clearing.

Can you post your config file? Your problem may be a codec issue, because you have a match of dial-peer tag "0".
zonate_toasterAuthor Commented:
I will send you over this,in the interim can you please help on this:-

1.Test the SRST configuration:

You can either take down the WAN interface or add a static route to null 0 for any ip packets coming from Unified CallManager:

ip route null 0

What is this ip address ( ).Is this a tftp server ip addres therotically ???Please do let me know about it...
zonate_toasterAuthor Commented:
Not able to answer me what i was looking for very disappointed.
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