OnRollover event in Movieclip

Posted on 2011-03-22
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I have a movieclip created in actionscript. I would like to add somthing to the the actionscript that would allow me to go to a specific frame in another movieclip.

something like

img_mc_container.onRollOver = function(){

Here is the code I am currently using which basically is a slideshow that gets the pictures out of a specific folder
var mc_container:MovieClip = this.createEmptyMovieClip("mc_container", -16384);
// highest numbered img
var highest_num:Number = 9;
var directory:String = "slideshow/";
var naming:String = "";
// create the image array
var imgArr:Array = new Array();
// for positioning purposes
var img_width:Number = 950;
var img_height:Number = 334;
var interval:Number;
function populateArr(Void):Void
      for (var i = 1; i<=highest_num; ++i)
            var img_name:String = directory+naming+i+".gif";
var currentclip_mc:MovieClip;
var fade_rate:Number = 5;
var firstone:Number = 0;
var count:Number = 0;
function loadImg(mc:MovieClip):Void
      var imgobj:Object = getrange();
      var imgtoload:String = imgobj.imgtoload;
      var depth:Number = imgobj.depth;
      // Load img
      var img_mc_container:MovieClip = mc_container.createEmptyMovieClip("img_mc_container"+count, count);
      var img_load:MovieClip = img_mc_container.createEmptyMovieClip("img_load", 0);
      img_mc_container.currentclip_mc = mc;
      // Center on stage
      img_mc_container._x = (Stage.width-img_width)/2;
      img_mc_container._y = (Stage.height-img_height)/2;
      // hide
      img_mc_container._alpha = 0;
	 img_mc_container.onEnterFrame = function()
            if (this.img_load.getBytesLoaded() != 0 && this.img_load.getBytesLoaded() == this.img_load.getBytesTotal())
                  if (this._alpha<100)
                        this._alpha += fade_rate;
                  if (firstone>0)
                        if (this.currentclip_mc._alpha>0)
                              this.currentclip_mc._alpha -= fade_rate;
                        else if (this.currentclip_mc._alpha<=0)
                              interval = setInterval(loadImg, 3000, this);
                              delete this.onEnterFrame;
                        if (this._alpha>=100)
                              interval = setInterval(loadImg, 3000, this);
                              delete this.onEnterFrame;
// this function just returns a number between 2 numbers, in this case 0 and myarray's length - 1
function getrange(Void):Object
      // length of null array   
      var min:Number = 0;
      // top of the array containing data is always [array length] - 1
      var max:Number = imgArr.length-1;
      var randnum:Number = Math.round(Math.random()*(max-min+1)+(min-.5));
      // get rid of the selection so can't do it again
      var imgtoload:String = imgArr[randnum];
      imgArr.splice(randnum, 1);
      var obj:Object = ({imgtoload:imgtoload, depth:randnum});
      if (imgArr.length<1)
            for (var i = 0; i<imgArr.length; ++i)
                  if (imgArr[i] == imgtoload)
                        imgArr.spice(i, 1);
      return obj;
// Start App

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Question by:techpr0
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Expert Comment

ID: 35197928
The code you list at the top of your post is the correct approach. Call gotoAndPlay() or gotoAndStop on the movieClip you wish to move the playhead on.

Can you give me some more specifics about your question? What exactly is not working, or what are you struggling with?


Author Comment

ID: 35199583
The code is not working. When i rollover the movieclip I am expecting it to change the text in the other movie clip by going to that specific frame. but nothing happens when i rollover the movieclip

Author Comment

ID: 35200965
I think i may have figured out the problem, but how would i go to a specific frame if the mouse was not over any of the flash file?
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Accepted Solution

tomaugerdotcom earned 500 total points
ID: 35201312
Since you're programming ActionScript 2, your options are limited. AS3 has an "on mouseUp outside" event that triggers even after you leave the flash area.

I wrote a blog post on how you can deal with the mouse leaving the frame in AS2 here:

However I am not sure I fully understand the question. If the mouse is not inside the Flash area, how were you hoping to trigger the jump to the specific frame? Through some other HTML element or button?


Author Closing Comment

ID: 35303984
I ended up putting a button around the edge of the flash that would take me to the correct timeline.

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