I'm looking for a fast and reliable FTP solutions. Any idea? Currently I already have a FTP and SFTP setup. But it's a bit slow and I need it be faster. Any ideas?
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Hutch_77Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you looking for something hosted?  Otherwise FTP is FTP is FTP and is simple the speed of BW.
FTP will be faster than SFTP or FTPS due to no encryption overhead... but it is obviously less secure.

Perhaps your FTP server supports on the fly encryption?  It sort of shifts some of the work from the network to the CPU by compressing the amount of data that has to go over the wire.  This can be a good option if the network pipe is saturated but the CPU in the server and client are mostly idle.

If your outbound network is weak find a hosting facility with a fat pipe and use them to host your FTP site.
Hutch 77 is right..FTP is FTP.

You may want to buy more bandwidth for your FTP server.  Increase the upload speed speed that you ISP can provide you.
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Hutch_77Connect With a Mentor Commented:
ISP can provide larger download for in and upload for out or as said above you can go hosted.. it really depends on what your real needs are...  the amount saved between SFTP FTPS and FTp are extremely minute and ou wouldnt see much difference in over all speed of the application... The real issue you are looking at is probably bandwidth and no FTP server is going to give you more BW unless you provide it with more.

FTP is also dependent on the recipient side how far away as the more hops can slow it down.

Going to Hosted may not resolve your issue as you may need quick access to a file and then have to dl it from there, but they can give huge amounts of BW for next to nothing.
YellowTailAuthor Commented:
Thank you for all your answers. I see that bandwidth is probably my solutions. However, I was wondering if you guys know any reliable FTP hosting? And what about cost? More bandwidth or FTP hosting? Any benefits?
Hutch_77Connect With a Mentor Commented:
To answer your question what is the FTP for, as if you need to get the files faster a hosted FTP server my not be reasonable as you would still have to go get it.  if you just need it for storage or over night and get as needed a hosted could work.

I have never really researched hosted FTP, but I have looked at a hosted server with FTP.  This means putting your server at a site and your config and they charge you for BW.  it isn't cheap but if y ou need unlimited amounts of BW it is a lot cheaper than getting unlimited in the office.
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