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Hello All,

I have a Windows 2008 R2 ADDC and for some reason, some user accounts when created create a home directory of \\server01\users\My Documents where some users home directories are created the way they are supposed to be created \\server01\users\username. This is an environment of over 100 users so sometimes when I go to \\server01\users I see multiple My Documents folders and no username folders for about 15-20 users. Everyone has connect H: to the proper share...Example: user EAK has on profile tab in AD to connect H: to \\server01\users\EAK but when you go to \\server01\users\ there is no EAK folder. But if you type in \\server01\users\EAK it will go to the My Documents folder.

What is going on here?

Thanks for looking! User Share
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chris_martin62Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This is a known issue with microsoft check the link for a what they recommend.
Super annoying...  I have the same issue.  I am thinking it has to do with the Users Windows version and or Service pack.  I'll let you know if I find anything more.
EKRINAuthor Commented:
thanks for the reply ahdfx.  You are right...SUPER ANNOYING!
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EKRINAuthor Commented:
thanks chris_martin62. I am going to test this out now and award points tomorrow. Thanks a lot!!!
No problem thats what we are on here for.
EKRINAuthor Commented:
Thanks chris_martin62. Great answer that I could not find anywhere!
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