Not allowed to access shared drives, but can view them.

Hi, recently we discovered that a few users both older machines and brand new with clean installs cannot browse shared files and folders. The funny thing is that they are always viewable under "My computer" but when you try to click on anyone of them including your own personal share, you receive an access denied error. The user has full rights to the share, I can see in the Group Policy that the correct policies are applied but still no go. If you restart the computer, the drives seem to work but only briefly, maybe for a few hours at the most.

We have blown away their profiles, created new ones, as well as re-joined the computer to the domain and reset the computer from the OU back to the OU, changed the name etc. Note that this is pretty new, the users have never had any issue before going back a few years.

I am trying to think of some other points to troubleshoot but i cant seem to figure it out, any thoughts?
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ee_autoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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First of all, check the permission of SHARE and Security of folder if they have this user right or
group right.  
Make it simple.  Set everyone ON.  If this works, the conclusion is that
SHARING file is alright and this is  wrong Access Right setting.
Yes, with shares you always set the Share permissions to Everyone - Full Control, and then you set the Security (ntfs) permissions

Make sure in the security permissions, there are no Deny entries, since Deny always overrides Allow
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susnewyorkAuthor Commented:
Everything permission wise is correct. We made no changes to them, its as if the GP works then stops, etc.
So they work for upto a few hours

Are the shares DFSR shares, replicated across multiple servers? If so check the replication schedule

Are the shares in the same Site (AD Sites & Services) as the clients? If not, again, check replication
Question and test
1.  Can local administrator access these without trouble  (read /write/ create/ delete)?
2.  If Q1 is NO, can domain administrator access these without trouble (read /write/ create/ delete)?
3.  Can a new created local user or domain user account in these PC's get the same trouble?
My point is if the trouble is user profile issue or Window System Issue .
More correct information may narrow down the problem issue. thank you
susnewyorkAuthor Commented:
We applied the latest SP and so far that seems to have solved the problem. I will test further this week and make a final update to this forum later on.
susnewyorkAuthor Commented:
Hi, we've come across this and we believe this is the problem. Has anyone run into this as well?

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