Max memory for a Dimension 3000 ?

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Whats the max memory?
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Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
No!   A Dimension 3000 will support 2GB of installed memory using 2 1GB modules.
The Dell Dimension 3000 has 2 memory slots that can take up to 1GB modules however the MAXIMUM memory supported is 1GB (either 2 x 512MB or 1 x 1GB)


☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
2 x 1GB as garycase states
Dell Specification for Dim 3000
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Sean ScissorsProgram Analyst IICommented:
Crucial is a well known and trusted memory Manufacturer. They have been kind enough to make a tool that will scan your motherboard and let you know what kind of RAM you currently have, what you can upgrade to, and even offer you to purchase Crucial memory straight through their site. It has been very useful in the past for me.

Direct download link:
That will teach me for relying on the Kingston configurator!!!!

2 x 1GB does seem to be the maximum and I stand corrected :)

It can support up to total no. of 2GB memory size of DDR SDRAM and it must be:
- either 333Mhz or 400Mhz installed in pair (else the performance will be reduce).
- pairs of matched memory size (else the performance will be reduce).
- non-ECC (system cannot boot to windows if user plugged an ECC RAM)

Below is the URL link of Dimension 3000 user guide/manual:
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