Load XML data into Joomla Estate Agency

Dear expert:

I'm going to create a Joomla site for allowing agents to rent flats and houses.
I'm thinking about Joomla Estate Agency component or simliar.

I will have some XML files adquired from other sites. Does it exists a component to load XML data into Joomla Estate Agency database ?
In case it doesn't exists, I understand I have to create my own php process for doing so but, where can I get the database documentation for knowing all tables and fields involved ?

Thank you.
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Allan NisbetConnect With a Mentor Owner at Storm IT Solutions LTDCommented:

It's a great component, we were using it for a client.

I remember a long thread about importing xml files in to joomla database and also nothign could do it back then without coding it yourself.


This extension does it to stock a store with products
SO you could edit this to stock your database with property info

It would be alot less work than doing it yourself.

Hope this guides you in the right direction

Allan NisbetConnect With a Mentor Owner at Storm IT Solutions LTDCommented:
Just thought alternatively

YOu could use csvimproved to import CSV files which can be created from Excel.

We do that with our clients stores as you can create simple excel formulae to create the comma delimiter format.

gplanaAuthor Commented:

Just two questions:

1. Do you know if joomlashopbuilder can be used also for importing data to JEA component ?

2. Do you know if Realtyna RPL it's better than JEA for using as Real Estate add-in ?
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Allan NisbetConnect With a Mentor Owner at Storm IT Solutions LTDCommented:

1. I dont think it can by default, you might need to edit the destination fields on the sql  commands

2. JEA was good as the client had no budget for an off the shelf subscription system for property sales didnt try RPL

gplanaAuthor Commented:
Thnk you.

Do you know how can I get information about which tables and fields are JEA using ?
Allan NisbetConnect With a Mentor Owner at Storm IT Solutions LTDCommented:

Use phpmyadmin or alternative navigator with your hsoting package to look at the database
you will see many tables i.e jos_components etc

look for the one named estate agent i think it is.

There will be a few for the different sections in that component.

Then its a case of going through the other component and making sure the tables match up.

But it sounds easier than it will be.

Your other alternative to save time would be to use the store uploader to your advantage.

say the table is Price make that your property type table.

so what I mean is although it will upload to populate the store you can in phpmyadmin copy the data in a table to another table, so what i think you should do is on a spreadsheet work out all the fields you need for JEA and see how many there is

then look at the fields the uploader will use and mentally assign each.

Then go into database and copy the rows from the store one to your JEA one.

Its a fix that will work but requires work until you make your own uploader.

gplanaAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much. You have helped me a lot.

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