RFC2317 classless reverse zones question

I have this zone

32/ 3600 IN      SOA      ns1.foo.com. domains.foo.com. 2009060800 21600 3600 604800 3600
32/ 3600 IN      NS      ns1.foo.com.
32/ 3600 IN      NS      ns2.foo.com.
34.32/ 3600 IN PTR      www.accu-sark.com.
35.32/ 3600 IN PTR      crm.accu-sark.com.
36.32/ 3600 IN PTR      osc2or.accu-sark.com.
38.32/ 3600 IN PTR      mail2.accu-sark.com.
43.32/ 3600 IN PTR      mail.accu-sark.com.
46.32/ 3600 IN PTR      ext46.accu-sark.com.

I am getting an error of when trying to import this zone to another IPAM management product

RFC2317 prefix must not be empty for classless reverse zones

My question is, how to fix this to make it compliant?
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Chris DentConnect With a Mentor PowerShell DeveloperCommented:

There's nothing wrong with the zone above. I'm not sure why it would complain about it. You'd have to share the name of the IPAM product, and we'd have to hope they have some kind of documentation on classless reverse lookup zones.

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