Windows 7 - How can I search for all file containing a specific phrase

In windows XP I could search my whole computer or a directory for files containing a specific phrase. I can search for parts of file names in Windows 7, but I do not find a way to look in files for phrases.

Please give me an indication where to look if it is possible.
Fritz PaulAsked:
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jimponderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The example I sent looked for actual words or phases inside the files.
you need to hit the button in the upper right in the search area that looks like the attached...

Fritz PaulAuthor Commented:
but this only gives me a listing of types of files.
What I need is to find files with any names, containing a specific phrase like "conditions around our country".
There is such a file on my computer, but I do not know where and i do not know it's name. I need to find it.
If I am not mistaking all you should have to do in Windows 7 all you have to do is open the ribbon or start as most people know it and just type the phrase. search
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