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I have a div with a class of .list.

It is on a nav bar on the right and a couple of the items have a on hover script to show the sub category. Two of the subcategories go farther than the window.

Can you let me know if you know of a jquery solution to this, it would be great if I could get the .list div to scroll up to show more items if the cursor goes 50 or so pixels higher then the bottom of the window.

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imantasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Attach mouseover, mousemove handlers, calculate if mouse is at the bottom, then do
var scrollInterval = setInterval(function() { $("elementId").scrollTop++; }, 100);

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Just don't forget to catch mouseout or mosemove when it leaves the bottom part and stop scrolling:

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But as I've mentioned above, element has to have some content hidden and scrollable.
To enable scrolling inside element just add a style "overflow: auto" to the element, but its height must be limited, ie height attribute set to a fixed value.
movieprodwAuthor Commented:
Yeah I would like to try to do this with jquery so it just scrolls by the mouse being near the bottom of the page
movieprodwAuthor Commented:
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