Can Anyone Recommend A Good Voice Broadcasting / Blasting Solution for Asterisk?

I'm looking for a voice broadcasting/blasting package in order to generate automated calls playing pre recorded messages / IVRs, preferably capable of storing recipient DTMF feedback keypresses.

I would also consider a stand alone system which would setup/trigger the calls via a sip trunk.

Any suggestions?
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DrDamnitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
YOu essentially need to script GNUDialer and Asterisk together, play your message to each caller once they pick up, and store DTMF in a database. This requires PHP (or similar) via AGI.

The GNU Dialer reads a source set of numbers and makes the call. The script then waits for it to be answered. When it is answered, you pass it to the AGI. The AGI plays the call, then listens for input, and finally stores it in a database, and the next call is made.
SleezedAuthor Commented:
Thanks DrDamnit

Unfortunately I don't have the time to go down the scripting route. Would you know of any ready to go solution out there?

Wish I did, but no. That kind of a solution is usually a custom one.
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It is usually a custom one because it's not complicated enough to warrant a commercial product.
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