Custom picture libiary view in WSS 3

I create a picture biliary in Document Detail style (All Pictures View) as the attached screen-shot.
In order to allow staff to select quantity of the photo, i created a column "Quantity" which is a drop down list.
How can i make it to allow interaction in the All Picture View? Just like the Selection Check box.
Thank you.

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Minesh ShahConnect With a Mentor SharePoint & all about itCommented:
then i don't think it is possible ootb, you can use a custom search page where you may have a checkbox attached to quantity number.
Minesh ShahSharePoint & all about itCommented:
you need try using look up column.
dickchanAuthor Commented:
Sorry to make you chaos.
 I want to allow user to select the quantity directly for the view.

How to make the drop down list editable in the All Picture View?
Thank you.

Minesh ShahConnect With a Mentor SharePoint & all about itCommented:
also 1 thing.
keep the column quantity filtered. (view>modify this view)
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