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Prevent Experts-Exchange from appearing in Google search results forever

Hi, I'm lead to believe Google just released a handy feature that allows you to prevent an entire site from being returned in search results. That gets me really excited because I use Google to look for solutions when I can't solve a computer problem, and often its just jammed up with useless results from The results aren't just useless because I refuse to pay Experts-exchange for a service that should be just as free as the internet itself, but their page is the anti-compatible with Chrome and just ganks up my problem solving. How do I remove these pages from my search results for ever? Thanks!!
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1 Solution
To remove pages from a website in the results just prefix your search string with  For example:

who moved my cheese

I hope this helps.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
If we give you the answer but you need it again after your free trial is up, will you be able to find it via Google because we gave you the answer?
RevelationNowAuthor Commented:
wdosanjos: I believe that method has ALWAYS been available through most search engines, not just google. Also, I've always had to search using google that way, thats what I get to avoid now.

jason1178: I don't know about you, but once I know the answer to something I typically don't re-google. Pretty good memory and all.
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Jim P.Commented:
Here is an option to do this for Chrome:
Personal Blocklist (by Google)

But that is your personal choice. By not using EE you are missing a large resource of information.

I can say, after having been here for several years, that I do not know of a larger group of professional IT people that can give you help with your computer issues. Anything from how to build from components to the most complex troubleshooting.

That being said remember there is a difference between Gratis versus libre being free as in free speech and free beer. The same difference applies to software and intellectual property. We, as experts at at EE, do provide solutions gratis to the EE corporation and it members that ask questions. Or just search the Previously Asked Questions (PAQ) -- according to statistics that is well over 90%.

Your concept
The results aren't just useless because I refuse to pay Experts-exchange for a service that should be just as free as the internet itself,
has a flaw in it.

When you search and get a result from Microsoft (MSDN),, etc. those are not actually free. Someone is paying to buy, power and maintain the servers. They are also paying for the bandwidth to connect to the internet. That cost is generally passed on when you buy Microsoft's software or any of the advertisers on SQLServerCentral.

In addition, no matter where you are using the internet you are paying for it. If you are using it from home you are paying your cable or telecom company for it. If you are sitting in McDonald's and using the "free" wifi -- they are making it back by adding a nickel to that hamburger you are eating.

EE doesn't sell software. They don't have advertising. So they have to make money by asking the users of the knowledge base to help cover the costs.

You can pay $12.95 per month and have access to many professionals in many realms, including MVPs, Oracle Certified Professionals, Cisco Certified Network Analysts, etc.  You also have the option to pay the $275+ per incident to a software vendor when you have an issue.

It is up to you to realize the value of the service.
Eric AKA NetminderCommented:

"...I'm lead to believe Google just released a handy feature that allows you to prevent an entire site from being returned in search results..."

That's par for the course when you believe everything you read at some websites.

"... often its just jammed up with useless results from"

You're a new member. Did you read that on the same websites?

"...The results aren't just useless because I refuse to pay Experts-exchange..."

So... they're not really useless. You're just a cheapskate who doesn't want to open his wallet... *wink*... Do you also let your boss not pay you for your work? Your bank for your mortgage or your landlord the rent?

Actually, that's kind of harsh. But I don't pay EE a dime -- never have in the eleven years I've been using the site, either. Maybe you should cancel this account and go to the FREE registration -- all the cool kids do.

"...a service that should be just as free as the internet itself..."

Tell that to your telephone company -- or better yet, your ISP. I don't think they'll take your arguments very seriously.

"...but their page is the anti-compatible with Chrome..."

Actually, it isn't. EE designs to Firefox. Or maybe it's that Google's plug-in removes search results from content farms, of which EE isn't one. But ... that's right... you read some blog post on the Internet again, didn't you.

"...just ganks up my problem solving..."

Damn the luck. Maybe you should give EE a try and you'll get solutions instead of the information you've been getting from that RPG for junior devs pretending to have a clue.

"...How do I remove these pages from my search results for ever?..."

Um... stop searching and getting other people to do your work for free? Use Yahoo?

Seriously... if you're going to be a troll... at least do a good job at it. There's a request for attention pending on this question; hopefully, someone hasn't taken your question as being offensive and the Mods will move it to a topic area more appropriate to it. This is really a browser problem, not a search engine problem.

RevelationNowAuthor Commented:
Hi Ericpete: One of my colleagues does pay for membership, and I've used his access with him a few times in the past. The information on the site is frequently out of date, or is answered by people in much the way you have just answered my question here. See how it doesn't actually address my problem. I see you accuse me of being a troll, but in truth, this is a very honest and serious question.

Now, keeping in mind that I have only asked one question as a paid membership, and this is the kind of response I am receiving for a completely honest and up-front question, I don't know how you honestly can consider this value for money. I will wait for a serious answer though. Thanks for your mis-information and unnecessary mis-interpretation of my question. You are a stellar human being.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Did you not see http:#a35196033 ?
RevelationNowAuthor Commented:
jimpen: Thank you for your input. As you will notice from your reply, you have done a fantastic job of defending EE, while more-or-less proving my point of "The results aren't just useless because I refuse to pay Experts-exchange for a service that should be just as free as the internet itself" because, in all honesty, if I wanted trollish answers to my direct questions, I could get that on any FREE forum anywhere on the Internet.

All I am looking for is a very specific piece of information about Google. If you people are unwilling to provide this kind of information

Now, the information I'm asking for can be applied to many sites, it doesn't have to be applied to EE. And, after many years of experiencing personal annoyance with all of the hits for EE that come up in my browser, now that there is a solution that I think you people might actually be able / qualified to help with this is how you come to my aid? I am sorry that you are all paying for this dreadful service if Jimpen is any indication of the quality of answer here, and maybe you could have avoided wasting all that cash if EE adopted a more open model, but all of that really has nothing to do with me. I neither hate nor love EE, I merely find it a complete waste of my screen real-estate. If that makes me stupid, so be it. Clearly not as stupid as I was thinking paying for this site would actually be helpful.
Eric AKA NetminderCommented:

I respond to most questions that way; I don't want to be accused of not paying attention to the entirety of the question. Since it has a number of statements that reflect a lot of inaccuracies about EE, and since you posted all of the extraneous information in your question, it's reasonable that you should receive responses to it.

I sincerely apologize for the "troll" comment -- but you do have to admit that on the surface, it's a pretty odd question to ask under the circumstances: "I don't like you, and in fact hate you so much I want to remove the results from Google searches automatically, but I want you to tell me how to do it."

I don't know the ins and outs of web browser construction; I do know that EE looks fine on Chrome because I'm using it to post this reply. So... with an eye towards getting you a solution:

a) Do you have any OTHER Chrome plugins that might be conflicting with the Google Personal Block List?

b) Can you give some details about your system? OS? Which version of Chrome? While we probably can't give you a lot of information as to why something developed by Google Labs doesn't work with their browser, there might be something else in your system that is keeping the plugin from working.

Again, my apologies for the tone of the prior response.

Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Hi RevelationNow,

Please excuse my colleagues, they must have misread / misunderstood your comment :

"and often its just jammed up with useless results from The results aren't just useless because I refuse to pay Experts-exchange for a service that should be just as free as the internet itself, but their page is the anti-compatible with Chrome and just ganks up my problem solving. "

But you must admit it does sound like a huge dig at EE - I certainly thought so... And if you are now a paying customer, then maybe the results aren't quite as useless anymore ?

But I digress, Yes, you can but at this stage it is only available in Google Chrome and for English. Other browser versions and custom browsers of google have to wait a bit longer.  Well that was the story back in mid-march and assume it is still the case.

There are some addons for wordpress interface to google search, but dont think thats what you are looking for.

I dont have/ dont use google chrome, so cannot gaurantee from personal experience. So, download Google Chrome and start using that maybe ?

Please let us know how you go.

jimpen has already posted a link to the Google Chrome extension in his http:#35196033 comment.  Have you visited that page?

Without access to your system, we can not install any software for you.  We are here to answer any questions that might arise during your installation and setup of this extension.

I think the other comments are in response to a WTF?!? reaction to reading a question on EE that asks about blocking EE content.  Personally, I find the irony quite amusing, since I'm using Chrome to write this EE comment.

As mentioned by others, you can use a free membership and elevate that to the equivalent of a paid membership by answering a few questions each month in the subject area(s) of most interest to you.  Once you reach 10,000 points, you only need 3,000 points a month to maintain your elevated (Qualified Expert) membership level.

Sometimes, you might get better results from your searches with better search arguments.  Have you tried EE's advanced search?
Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President Online Computer Svcs, WNY IncCommented:
<<The results aren't just useless because I refuse to pay Experts-exchange for a service that should be just as free as the internet itself>>

 Sorry, but I had to post.   I love it when I hear this.  

 RevelationNow, if you really believe that to be the case, then I'm sure EE would be more then willing to send you the bills for:

1. The buildings they occupy.
2. The hardware that it takes to run the site.
3. The software it takes to run the site.
4. The maintenance on that hardware and software.
5. The power to keep the lights on.
6. The salaries of the 70+ people it takes to keep the site running 24x7x365.

   But wait, other sites like Stack Overflow are "free".   It's "free" only because venture capitalists loaned them five million.  Wonder what's going to happen to them when the money runs out?  And where did the venture capitalists get their money to invest?  From me, you, and everyone else that uses products and services of businesses that they are invested in.

  Hum, well there are things like the Microsoft news group (or any other vendors) which are all "free".  Think your software costs too much?  Hum, wonder why.

  The Internet is not "free" by any means.  Never has been and never will.  Someone pays one way or another.


evilrixSenior Software Engineer (Avast)Commented:
Hello RevelationNow,

Ok, first things first, I am not a shill but I just wanted to say this...

You'll find the majority of experts on EE (including that ericpete chap!) are professional people who will go above and beyond to assist you. As in any walk of life; however, there are a minority of people (such as that jason1178 chap -- haha, only kidding J) who will spoil things for the majority. This is how EE differs from other sites though, because a high standard of excellence is expected here and when someone steps out of line the moderators will take swift corrective action to put things right.

I understand if you want EE removed from your Google searches and I also understand if you don't want anything to do with EE but as ericpete pointed out, you can be a member here without paying a bean (I've been a member since 2004 and have paid $0), all you are asked to do is share whatever knowledge and help you can with others in the guide of 3 to 5 questions a month. In real terms that probably equates to about an hour or so of your time. For that you get free and unlimited Premier Service access to a world of experts. In the end everyone pays, be it with money or time helping - apparently, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

The ethos here is that of a community, we look after each other and we help each other and those of us who have been here a while regularly do so both on and off the site (I hope I am not stepping out of line by sharing this link with you as a way of demonstrating how wonderful the community spirit really is here). In short, if you stick around I think you'd be pleasantly surprised but if that's not your bag I understand and wish you the very best of luck for the future.

In regards to your question, I found the following blog post from Google that seems to explain how to block sites from their searches. I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for but if it is I hope it assists in your quest.

My very best regards,


"The results aren't just useless because I refuse to pay Experts-exchange for a service that should be just as free as the internet itself, but their page is the anti-compatible with Chrome and just ganks up my problem solving."

Can you clarify a few things for me, please?

#1 - I'm on Chrome on Ubuntu.  The site works and looks just fine for me. Can you clarify how it is "anti-compatible"?  That implies that EE actively discourages the use of Chrome, such as in the old days of "Netscape-only" websites.  I cannot find this functionality on EE.  So I'm seriously wondering where that comment came from.

#2 - You are absolutely incorrect about free. You don't deserve my answers simply because you exist.  What you get is what we are willing to give.  If, as professionals, we wish to congregate around a site that values and rewards the smartest, then we are free to not answer you on other forums.  Of course, if like me you use Ubuntu, you can go get answers from the Ubuntu user forums.  You can then try to guess who actually knows what they are talking about. You can also wade through pages and pages and pages of comments hoping that someone actually adds a [SOLVED] tag.  Or you can pay the small monthly fee and get access to thousands of pre-answered questions and live professionals actually competing to give you the best answer.

#3 - "just as free as the internet itself".  Absolutely correct.  Unless you steal bandwidth, and even if you do, someone pays for it.  This site uses bandwidth, and someone has to pay for it as well.  So yes, it is just as free as the internet itself... which is to say that it is not free at all. Ubuntu forums, even, are not free.  Someone pays.  What you are saying is that you want to piggy back on someone else's wallet.

And, I'm not trolling, I mean this seriously when I say: -> Resume -> Post a Resume

Open in new window


Take interview, get the job, obtain paycheck, buy services that you wish to use.

Open in new window

And I agree with ericpete and others, except that I do believe this is a troll, serious or not.  You don't go up to your ex-wife and say "How can I avoid looking at your ugly face" even if you seriously mean it. Question needs closed, points given to wdosanjos and jimpen, but that's just imho.
Jeff PerkinsOwnerCommented:
This question has been classified as abandoned and is closed as part of the Cleanup Program. See the recommendation for more details.
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