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I know next to nothing about Exchange however i've recently been asked to setup an Exchange server in a test network we have here..

I've installed Exchange 2010 on a Server 2008 R2 machine and got it configured for basic services.
It doesn't need to be able to send or receive mail externally it will just be used internally for scan to email type testing.

I've managed to send and receive email from my test account to my test account using Microsoft Outlook from a Windows 7 test machine.
I've also managed to send a very basic email via SMTP however i had some strange issues with this.
When telnetting to the server and trying to send SMTP mail certain users worked and others didn't.
ie.  'mail'   worked but 'mail' gave a 'Unrecognized command' error.
user2 is the test account i used and can send and receive email fine using an Outlook client but can't send from SMTP? (however it can receive from SMTP....)

Anyway my aim is to open up SMTP authentication so that any print device etc that's connected to the network can be pointed to the server and communicate.
I have no idea where to start with this, do i need to create an account that the printers will all use to authenticate and then another account that can be checked for emails by the users? Or is it possible to open authentication completely so that SMTP can be sent from any address without the account actually even existing?

The test network is firewalled off from our corporate WAN so really not worried about security.

Happy to be pointed to documentation etc as you can see my knowledge currently is almost nill.
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Glen KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's possible you typed onething wrong and then deleted it to try and correct it? This will cause the problem.  If it was the user itself it will actually say invalid recipient.

As for the photocopiers you need to setup relay as per: the guide is for Exchange 2007 but it's identical for Exchabge 2010.

The other option is to setup an account for the copiers to use if they allow authentication, which in my experience most dont.
Mal OsborneConnect With a Mentor Alpha GeekCommented:
A possible trap here is use of backspace.  If you are talking to an SMTP server, and correct a mistake by backspacing, it does not work. You need to type everything error free.
andossAuthor Commented:
Hi Malmensa,

Thanks you are right about that part of my question i can now send fine via SMTP with User 2.

Any recommendation on setting the server up for the scan to email part?
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andossAuthor Commented:
Thanks demazter, yeah i had mistyped and gone back to correct it and that's why it didn't work.
Heading home for the day will look it over your link in the morning.
If your printers can authenticate then that means you will have to do absolutely minimal configuration. Create a new account and mailbox, called maybe "<Printer><Location>", set the password to never expire and then set the printer to use it.

By default, authenticated users can relay.

If your printers can't authenticate then you will have to configure a Receive Connector to allow them to:
Glen KnightCommented:
MegaNuk3, you should know better than that!!
@demazter - Delete my comments, I didnt read the part on your comment that said to use authentication
Glen KnightCommented:
No need.  It happens. :)
andossAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, looks like exactly what i needed.
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