Lexmark C540n


We have a Lexmark C540n printer, and say for instance when the magenta toner is finished the printer wont print. Even if i want to print black and white only and not even use the other colours.

Does anyone know of a work around or fix for this issue please

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printnix63Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you get the manual from lexmark.com (you can search for C540 and look for User Manual)
You will find, if the printer throws an 88 <color> replace cartridge it will only resume printing, if you replaced the cartridge in question.
In many cases all cartridges are moved when a paper is printed, even if only black would be used.
You can try to press "Go/Continue" to resume printing, it may work for a time. You can as well set the "Warning" for Toner Alerts to off, to not have the beeping for the toner empty message, but this is not removing the main issue.
You may find in the universal driver e.g. an opton to print Text or other stuff in black only or "True Black", still if the printer is not willing to print any more, because it has detected that a cardtridge is completely empty and even pressing Go/Continue does not help, you'll most likely have to replace the cartridge first (which generally is a good idea as also print quality will suffer when cartridges are empty)
Hope it helps.
lgossAuthor Commented:
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I don't know the C540N, but there are *no* lasers that will let you print colour when even 1 cartridge is empty. There some that will still let you print black when a colour cartridge is empty, but they are rare. Usually they require you to select Mono printing in the driver, to ensure that only black will be used. I read somewhere that the C540N driver does not let you do that. Just printing a black text document may not do the trick.

The main reason is that, even if you are printing mono, the colour toners may be used as well to give more shades of grey. And, of course, black is used to print very many colours.
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lgossAuthor Commented:
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