Algorithm Generator or Constructor

Hi all,

I looking for a tool or tutorial that will help me convert this Algorithm
to machine readable or Description logic or flow chart diagram.

Thanks in Advance
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Okay, I'll assume that X and W are arrays and t goes from 0 to maxT. I assume you have X already

constantVal = gamma*g(o,k)

W[0] = initialValue

for t from 1 to maxT
  W[t] = W[t-1] + constantVal*(X[t-1] - W[t-1])

return W
That's not an algorithm. It's just an equation.
If you want it as a flow chart it's a simple loop.
Every time t increases by 1 you recalculate w(t) using the previous value and the current x. The gamma, g, o, k thing is a constant right? Or do they change?
You don't need any kind of tutorial. You can do it just by inspection. If you need more direction, let me know.
ZURINETAuthor Commented:
Hi Tommy

I need to have it displays in aPseudocode eg.

<variable> = <expression>

IF <condition>
    DO stuff;
    DO other stuff;

WHILE <condition>
    DO stuff;

for <variable> from <first value> to <last value> by <step>
    DO stuff with variable;

function <function name>(<arguments>)
    DO stuff with arguments;
    return something;

<function name>(<arguments>)    // Function call
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ZURINETAuthor Commented:
Thanks looks better now
I found some Pseudocode website

Just one more question
how can I express this learning Logic

see attached picture

Those are all constants as far as I can tell. Are both of the wi variables the same value?
It looks like you just need
W[ i] = A[t]*(x-W[ i])*U(Y[ i])
ZURINETAuthor Commented:
Hi Tommy

Thanks for your help

Found the book I was looking for

Foundations of Algorithms using java pseudocode

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