BOM security

Dear all

We are starting to implement Manufacturing Phase using GP 10 and SP4.

We want to make sure that everything is secured, by mean the BOM.

What is the best practice for making security from GP and from SQL server?
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Abdulmalek_HamshoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Don't even think about applying security to Dynamics GP through SQL Server. You have the User's Security per role. If row level security is needed, you need either to customize it or buy a 3rd party module (row level security means every user has access to a range of BOMs according to his privileges).
RamzyNEbeidAuthor Commented:
what is BOM security?
is there something that can be done from inside GP?

i will tell you later about my idea concerngin SQL Server security

Abdulmalek_HamshoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
BOM Security is to inquire locked BOMs by which users.
RamzyNEbeidAuthor Commented:
i am still looking and i will tell you all what i did
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