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Cant install SCCM client on certain machines

Posted on 2011-03-23
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Any ideas? theres only about 20% of all machines. I have run WMIDIAG and repaired what i could and recreated the repository.

Begin Processing request: "UYADAEJC", machine name: "SX4344"  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:36.136 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=26288 (0x66B0)>
---> Trying the 'best-shot' account which worked for previous CCRs (index = 0x0)~  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:36.139 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=26288 (0x66B0)>
---> Attempting to connect to administrative share '\\SX4344.darlington.local\admin$' using account 'DARLINGTON\sxadmin'~  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:36.141 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=26288 (0x66B0)>
---> The 'best-shot' account has now succeeded 2818 times and failed 725 times.  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:37.193 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=26288 (0x66B0)>
---> Connected to administrative share on machine SX4344.darlington.local using account 'DARLINGTON\sxadmin'~  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:37.197 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=26288 (0x66B0)>
---> Attempting to make IPC connection to share <\\SX4344.darlington.local\IPC$> ~  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:37.199 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=26288 (0x66B0)>
---> Searching for SMSClientInstall.* under '\\SX4344.darlington.local\admin$\'~  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:37.203 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=26288 (0x66B0)>
---> System OS version string "5.1.2600" converted to 5.10  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:37.706 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=19556 (0x4C64)>
---> Service Pack version from machine "SX02658_ADMIN" is 3  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:37.708 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=19556 (0x4C64)>
Submitted request successfully  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:39.040 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=8264 (0x2048)>
Getting a new request from queue "Retry" after 100 millisecond delay.  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:39.043 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=8264 (0x2048)>
Found CCR "SX03688_DARLINGTON_LOCAL.DARLINGTON.CCR" in queue "Retry".  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:39.045 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=8264 (0x2048)>
Received request: "SX03688_DARLINGTON_LOCAL.DARLINGTON" for machine name: "SX03688" on queue: "Retry".  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:39.150 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=8264 (0x2048)>
Stored request "SX03688_DARLINGTON_LOCAL.DARLINGTON", machine name "SX03688", in queue "Processing".  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:39.158 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=8264 (0x2048)>
WARNING: High volume of CCRs. Slowing down the queue processing thread~  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:39.161 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=8264 (0x2048)>
---> Mobile client on the target machine has the same version, and 'forced' flag is turned on.~  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:40.275 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=19556 (0x4C64)>
---> Creating \ VerifyingCopying exsistance of destination directory \\SX02658_ADMIN\admin$\system32\ccmsetup.~  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:40.279 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=19556 (0x4C64)>
Submitted request successfully  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:41.608 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=7376 (0x1CD0)>
Getting a new request from queue "Incoming" after 100 millisecond delay.  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:41.610 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=7376 (0x1CD0)>
Found CCR "WUVJDPWB.CCR" in queue "Incoming".  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:41.612 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=7376 (0x1CD0)>
Received request: "WUVJDPWB" for machine name: "SX02787" on queue: "Incoming".  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:41.716 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=7376 (0x1CD0)>
Stored request "WUVJDPWB", machine name "SX02787", in queue "Processing".  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:41.725 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=7376 (0x1CD0)>
WARNING: High volume of CCRs. Slowing down the queue processing thread~  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:41.729 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=7376 (0x1CD0)>
CWmi::Connect(): ConnectServer(Namespace) failed. - 0x80070005~  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:42.689 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=26288 (0x66B0)>
---> Unable to connect to WMI on remote machine "SX4344", error = 0x80070005.  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:42.691 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=26288 (0x66B0)>
---> Deleting SMS Client Install Lock File '\\SX4344.darlington.local\admin$\SMSClientInstall.DAR'~  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:42.694 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=26288 (0x66B0)>
Retry request id for "UYADAEJC" set to "SX4344_darlington_local"  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:43.137 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=26288 (0x66B0)>
Stored request "SX4344_darlington_local", machine name "SX4344", in queue "Retry".  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:43.149 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=26288 (0x66B0)>
<======End request: "SX4344_darlington_local", machine name: "SX4344".  $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Wed Mar 23 11:22:43.158 2011 GMT Standard Time><thread=26288 (0x66B0)>

The client in question is sx4344
Question by:IT-Darlo
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Author Comment

ID: 35198257
Attached is the log on the local machine.
LVL 17

Accepted Solution

Anuroopsundd earned 2000 total points
ID: 35201109
THere seems to be WMI issue on the client side or some firewall. can you check both.

Test the remote WMI service
               Click Start, click Run, type wmimgmt.msc, and then click OK.
               Right-click WMI Control (Local), and then click Connect to another computer.
               Click Another computer, and then enter the name of the remote computer.
               If you have to provide user credentials, click Change.
               Click OK.
               Right-click WMI Control (remote system name), and then click Properties.

Rebuilding the WMI Repository
If you experience behavior when using WMI, such as application errors or scripts that used to work are no longer working, you may have a corrupted WMI repository. To fix a corrupted WMI repository, use these steps:
Windows XP and Windows Vista
Click Start, Run and type CMD.EXE
Note: In Windows Vista, you need to open an elevated Command Prompt window. To do so, click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator.
Type this command and press Enter:
net stop winmgmt
Using Windows Explorer, rename the folder %windir%\System32\Wbem\Repository. (For example, %windir%\System32\Wbem\Repository_bad). %windir% represents the path to the Windows directory, which is typically C:\Windows.
Switch to Command Prompt window, and type the following and press ENTER after each line:
net start winmgmt

Author Comment

ID: 35205319
Hi, Thanks. I have tried this on a few machines unfortunalty with no success.

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