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How can i find the detected connection speed of an client running outlook 2007?

We are trying to analyse some odd behaviour of an outlook client running on a laptop which is not connected to the domain. It is configured to connect to our exchange servers through outlook anywhere. In some instances it takes a long while to show the logon prompt when starting outlook. We think it has something to do with de slow-link detection of outlook. The "On slow networks, connect using HTTP first, then connect using TCP/IP" option.

Is there a way to see if outlook is detecting a fast connection and therefor is trying to connect through TCP/IP? ( it is proberbly getting a time-out because the standaard tcp-ip connection is not possible in some conditions. After getting the time-out it is finding a connection through HTTP)

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hanmailbeheerConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I still haven't found a solution for determening the connection speed. With outlook /rpcdiag is was possilble to view what connection was used (TCP/IP of HTTP) but not why that connection type was choosen.

The answer for this question is no longer needed because it no longer is necessary for our project.

Thanks to everybody’s attention.

You can hold down the control button and click on the Outlook icon in your taskbar.  This will allow you to run the Test Email Auto-Configuration.  Keep the Auto Discover checked and uncheck the others.  Then test the user's account.  This will show you where the delay is once you monitor the flow and log.
hanmailbeheerAuthor Commented:
Hello ReesAssociates.

Thanks for your participation in finding my answer.
I have used this option a lot during the configuration of Outlook Anywhere.
After running this tool i get a lot of results. I just can't find anything useful for my question.
All results point to the correct servers, and all features work (Outlook Adresbook, F/B info etc)
I can't find any hint to connection speed or connection quality.

I have read somewhere that outlook designates a connection as slow when the average bandwidth is lower or equal to 128Kbps. Unlike Group Policies which designates a connection as slow when the bandwidth is lower than 500Kbps. I just can't find out how outlook determines the bandwidth.

Best regards,

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You stated that the laptop was not connected to your domain.  However, is it accessing your network and utilizing your DNS, or is it off site?
Have you tried using Outlook /rpcdiag command?
hanmailbeheerAuthor Commented:
Both situations occur. That is the reason why i want to know those response times.

On site the laptop is connected wirelessly to a VLAN that is separate to our domain workstations. Only access in this VLAN is the same as if you would be outside the company network. The computers in this VLAN are indeed accessing corporate DNS.

Offsite the laptop is ofcourse not using our DNS and/or network.

In both situations the same webpage/server is configured for connection to Outlook Anywhere. So offsite and onsite connect to Except domain computers ofcourse which connect directly to CAS/Mailbox servers.

@dexIT: Yes I have tried this command. results are as you would expect. On site has faster response times but these times change constantly. Also the slow link detection is not shown.

Best regards
hanmailbeheerAuthor Commented:
No answer was given and answer is no longer necessary
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